Otaku no Musume-san

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Vol. 11 Ch. 63 - Thank You for the Memories
The journey was great.

I'm so happy the MC ended up with Haruka in the end, she worked so hard for this...
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This ending made me feel anxious, and completly depressed. Nozomi-Senpai is a Bitch, and i want to slap her really hard. And poor MC, he has that done to him twice now.

And for the people who wrote "Man up", you should just go and die. You are the same as those bullies, who think a victim should just have said something.
Poor MC was raped, then left alone to deal with it, was left in the dark about the next person he chooses to love, and then was presented with a daughter, without having her seen her grown up, (see the hospital scene, where he was sad he didnt saw his daughters birth), then after his resolve to live with the mother of his child, this resolution was shattered again by the mother, who has a child with another man. And after his daughter, which he finally could rely on, was taken away, its no wonder he couldn't take Haruka seriously. And then the same thing happenmded to him with his Son. This man was broken again and again, and and at least his daughter choose him. Other men would be either become completly twisted at this point, or most would end their lifes themselves.

Regardless of that, I wished we would see Haruka and him meeting again. I hope, that it will grow into an actual relationship for both of them.
Holy shit the ending felt so rushed and unsatisfying. Was this manga axed?