The World of Moral Reversal

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Vol. 1 Ch. 6
The world of Feminism scares me...
@NeonWinter Oh my sweet Summer child.......WE ARE WORSE and better to tho.
And thus, Amamiya starts her journey replacing the MC's previous position.
Thanks for the translation.
????????that one light colored hair girl who is not the fishing high schooler boomeroleplay is psyhic because the amamiya doesn't say something but hears her voice anyway ?
"Behold, the power of the Internet! The whole world's dicks are just a click away!"

Some things just transcend above all moral reversals.
@mukade Got some right in front me :D
"I won't read your next response because I'm a big ole pussy that denies logic and pattern recognition".

Go get some dick before you do something crazy please.
@Randomguy01 Funny, you seem angry yourself. Maybe you need some pussy?
I honestly hope one day you'll find a nice girl that'll change your twisted views on women.

Too bad you can't provide me one good source for your claims though. I usually just ignore the type of comment you made here, but you said you had proof and that piqued my interest. If you were trying to get me riled up by bringing politics and feminists into this you wasted your time, because I'm not interested in any of that.

I won't even read your next response because I know nothing productive will come out of this conversation, so bye.
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The more I read this, the more I really hope that guys aren't actually this perverted in real life, and that this is exaggerated for comedy
@orochijes Woman are actually hornier than men in the "real" world. Women tend to show many signs of mental problems if they aren't sexually active, while men are capable of having no sexual activity while maintaining their sanity.

If anything, men have a reason to show that they are craving sex as they are less likely to experience it than women.

I know your comment is 5 months old, but recent reports have shown to prove my point.
I guess main girl 's favorite fishes are : "an old man" , "wife of hamasaki" , and "a juicy high scholler" , lol . ( those are actually nicknames of fishes . the page below is from grand blue manga . warning : grand blue manga is very boring )

page 4 : hana-ko = flower-girl . she is mad because hanako is also the name of a ghost : .

"russian boy look cute . like he is a video game character . like he is the MC from an isekai" . Maybe they are refering a video game character in real life , but I dont know which one . And it is funny that she mentions another "isekai" , while she is living in an isekai , lol .

"me and my mom exchange our Ero books and AV (Adult Videos )" . I guess it would be awkward if her favorite henta! are about incest between father and daughter , or yuri incest between mother and daughter , lol .

also , the cover page is missing :

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Nanami-chan likes macho guys... neat.
"Guys can't cum as often compared to girls, so of course they aren't horny like us! We're the ones who get pregnant and give birth, so if we aren't born horny the world will end!"
I love how this rationalization makes total sense in their world. In fact, it "makes sense" even in our world, and yet it's completely wrong! Remember that next time you trust your "common sense" or intuition on factual matters.

"I bet all this time you've been masturbating to things like nude gravure in gossip magazines."
Maybe I'm just not well-read enough, but this manga sometimes has the smartest comedy I've ever seen. The girls don't act completely like the men in our world do because this isn't a completely genderswapped world. They still read gossip mags as our stereotypical women would, the only difference is in the nature of the sexual content (being more visual like what appeals to our males). Seriously, this is one of my favorite chapters of any manga ever.
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