Hakka Shoujo

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Vol. 3 Ch. 17 - Roly-Poly
@NotEnoughCoffee why not just rip it from EBJ? All of the volumes are available there...
the problem isn't even the pay wall. Sunday webry, the site that hosted the manga before, mutilated their website and moved almost everything to an app. We've tried numerous ways to get raws from that but it just manages to block all kinds of screen recordings that there are. (including installing a custom framework and a module that should disable screenshot blocking)
I think I managed to find a solution using android emulators and virtually upscaled screens but we have yet to test that (because it's a pain in the arse).
If anyone has experience in circumventing this bullshit, we'd be eternally grateful for any info.
@Hachi015: According to scanlators post, they're paywalled so they don't have the raws for them yet. https://stalker-scans.blogspot.com/2019/04/hakka-shoujo.html
You know how a lot of official online readers only give access to first 3 and latest 3 chapters for free, I assume it's that kind of thing.
I know Im sounding like an ahole here but wheres chapter 13-16 at?