Otome no Harawata Hoshi no Iro

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Vol. 1 Ch. 1 - Burn Up, Gen
No motherfucking way! Yes God, Yes! Thank you!
Glasses is the best guy!
i think the glasses guy is THE MOST NORMAL PERSON IN THIS SERIES, like literally
This is praxis! Fuck the racism out of existence!
Wow that girl is in HEAT... sorry.
Not just diplomatic means, china has been outright using money to get their way, the recent shitstorm with Blizzard and the NBA should be enough to show that the Chinese Communist dictatorship is not above using these methods to spread their influence.
That neck! He didn't die!? Is he also an alien??
t. Nippon
@Meridis doesn’t matter the black and middle east what ever race they have would be against this aliens based on their culture and traditions.

Invading doesn’t really need violence China has been invading countries though diplomatic means(by diplomatic i mean saying they own this place 2000 years ago) and they’ll only use violence when met with violence. Majority of wars right now are in economics look how many people are bowing down to china for money. Cry all you want with Tibet, HongKong, and those islands in SEA but the threat of Chinese investors are stronger that nobody will actually fight them both economically and physically even if they did like the US it doesn’t really affect them that much. well I mean this method could be done by the aliens if you think about it using their technology as bribe then maybe followed by some colonials did being friends with several tribes then use them as proxy for wars against tribes that goes against the colonial power. This will probably the realistic plan if aliens like them do exist.

And by extinct homo species i am talking about Neanderthals and the likes. And you can know how they live inside a museum.

I mean if you like the idea of aliens talking about human culture in a museum I guess similar to extinct homo species we still keep their culture and traditions inside a museum.

Why would it just be in a museum? You don't need someones genes to carry their culture, the mixed children are just as capable of carrying on the culture as a pure blood.

And the Japanese aren’t even the top of the people complaining the blacks will complain as future generations will have lighter and lighter skin to the point that they just have light tan in addition the middle east where several of them have a law that if you married or get someone pregnant (or get impregnated) who is a foreigner you get your citizenship revoked and forced to move to the country of origin of your partner, opposite for the Japanese. on top of that their whole economy will crash given technology that doesn’t need oil.

Your mixing up a bunch of different ethnic groups. Groups in the middle east are made up or arabs, indians, kurds, and other groups. Black refers to african americans. I think you were mixing them up with africans, but they are still separate ethnic groups even if they have common ancestry. Even among the groups in the middle east, their views on heritage vary.

Also, there's a misunderstanding of economics here. Once their planet received the technology which managed energy, food, and other resource problems, their economy no longer requires an export to make up for a deficit that doesn't exist anymore. Oil stopped being necessary the moment they arrived so they can't sell it, yes, but they also lost the need to sell it in the first place.

And considering this aliens have no mix culture and the only known culture they have is love, then taking in other aliens culture is doubtful

This goes with what I said about him making the mistake of lumping a large number of different ethnic groups based on some general physical characteristic. If you lump together an entire species then there shared culture would be vague at best as the things that such a large number of different people ALL engage in would be small. That's why there is no "human" culture, there is only cultures that exist among humans. In short, we haven't seen much of what could be considered a culture from either side, just some really general details about how their species mates and a little about the established process they go through for it. That's part of culture, but only a small part of a culture. We know nothing else.

I mean the series is nice i’d still read it but saying their not invaders is clearly wrong considering the last page. Though I bet the overlord of this aliens will be part of the harem at the end.

It's wrong to call them invaders. That would, by definition, require some form of violence or force for their entrance into the area. They didn't use violence and they seem to have the consent of most of the human race. They may have something shady going on in the back that we don't know yet but their arrival doesn't meet the criteria for an invasion as it isn't enough to simply be genetically different and show up in a new land.

Edit: besides extinct homo species I guess native tribes have this problems too like those new about only 3 people knows a language or a couple of people practice this tradition their only way of preservation is ether museum or if the government is nice enough to pass laws to keep said tradition.

There hasn't been another homo species during the time that there has been governments. Your thinking of ethnic groups, which have many reasons for dying out, none of which are like this. Some are willing withholding their teachings to have them pass with them and others are being physically driven out or killed, neither of which is happening here or is the result of crossbreeding.
Mmmh, yep, that checks a lot of my boxes.
โ˜‘ Funny
โ˜‘ Tits
โ˜‘ Interesting
โ˜‘ Boobs
โ˜‘ Nice MC
โ˜‘ Hooters
โ˜‘ Cute Girls
โ˜‘ Tatas
โ˜‘ Funbags
โ˜‘ Jugs
โ˜‘ Melons
โ˜‘ Airbags
So random
how to get girls:
1. be racist
Wo many memeable panels in just a single chapter. This feels like a better TlR.
I´m just impressed that the author turned what I thought was a gag, that being the broken neck, into an actual plot point. Props to him, I´m still laughing.
When elon got back form mars ... But getting stalked at the sametime
Reading it again, is the MC even human? Surviving a twisted neck like that and apparently also fire resistant... Are we going to get some complicated backstory about the mother marrying some alien that traditionalist grandfather didn't approve of then somehow died giving birth to him leading to him to be raised by his racist grandpa?
So Humans get death by Snu-Snu. There are worst ways to go out.

Now the question is why do the Weveians seek other races to breed with? With how aggressive they are, it doesn't seem like a desire but more of a need for them.

My guess is:
With Weveirans being able to crossbreed so easily, this make their dna very malleable. This had the unfortunate side effect of eventually making Weve X Weve DNA unstable. So they seed out other species with a stable dna structure to mix with. But over time that structure is eroded away, forcing the Weveians to once again seek a new 'host'.
I like where this is going so far. I'm hopeful that love can triumph over fear and distrust, both in the manga world, and in the real world. After all, what good is "purity" if we don't have love?
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