GATE - Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

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Ch. 87
Hoe down. Why is fiction so cruel compared to modern life.
@daywithoutgames More like recognizing a death flag than love. Remember that Tomita and Bozes are having a kid together.

You are incorrect on all of your assumptions about me, but thanks for trying.

I just wanted to watch hapless protagonist-kun get on more adventures with his harem.
page 29 : the girl kuribayashi is falling in love and blushing ?

page 31 : All Campus Joint Struggle Committee : .

the press guy is too annoying to live . if i were the JSDF soldiers , i would just throw the press guy to the mouths of the black wolf-s because he wanted to film the wolf-s so badly , lol , then i would tell everyone that he had an "accident" .

the press guy reminds me of this film : . " our channel 's audience love the bloodiest , grossest corpses . "
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@otakubouzu @ninjadork
Please try to stay on topic as per rule 5.2.1.
If you want to discuss politics, please feel free to create a thread on the forums, outside of chapter discussions.

Thank you.
@otakubouzu Trump is still a multi-millionaire, made himself one of the biggest reality TV stars of the 20th century, and ended up with more net worth than he started with. Even if his competence extends no further than knowing when to step back and let other people do the work, that's a lot more than can be said for the majority of politicians I can think of. Besides, over half of all start-up ventures fail within the first year; unless you have a bunch of data I don't, Trump is neither more nor less successful than the average. He just has more resources to work with, and more data points under his expansive waistline than the vast majority of would-be business folk.

As for right vs left media, my experience is that Western Democracy-style governments are generally more favorable to left-wing than right-wing news. It strikes me as entirely in-character that a bureaucrat would pull strings to try and make the JSDF look bad so (s)he could have an excuse to redirect funds to some personal project or other. Or any other organization, if this manga were themed differently.

My Initial statement about media mostly refer that you will have a Fox News for a CNN (conservative vs liberal). And now i recall there are some right-leaning media too in Japan, so that in GATE we only see liberals hippie type media crew and none of right-leaning media have been shown so far (Kuribayashi sis' looked neutral at very least, but she didn't featured too often) is kinda eyebrow rising for me.

Credit for Trump for USA economy, but i still wouldn't regard him as 'competent'. Guy have tried a lot side business and many are folded. And i still won't regard him as bastion of tolerance any time.
@otakubouzu I'm well aware of that. But your initial statement didn't give that impression, so I made a pointed guess.

I disagree with your characterization of Trump as "incompetent" and "racist" seeing as how he's done more for the American economy than the last three presidents combined. Especially the fact that racial minority unemployment, especially blacks, is the lowest it's been in decades. "Loathsome" is irrelevant to me because most people make that judgement based on his personality; I have worked with worse under harder conditions, so I mostly look on such claims with a "suck it up and get to work" attitude.

As for Greta, she's just the latest in a very long line of sacrificial goats the lefties are using to try and force policy changes without debate or accountability. If you're interested in specifics and a breakdown that is roughly equivalent to my opinion,

I'm not from the US either, but I have family there and I keep a weather eye on their surroundings.
pray 4 harpy
For all it worth, Hillary is a crook without any substance, Obama is way overrated to say it politely, and Liberals keep saying 'russian collusion' is quite laughable. Trump still a incompetent loathsome racist, always think that since his early days of his campaign.
Never really followed Greta, but the way conservatives mostly resort to ad hominem on her issues makes me a bit sympathizing to her.

Unfortunately since I am not from Yankeeland, I never followed CNN or FoxNews, so i don't have [objective] opinion on them in particular.

Now i don't know which liberal hippie your mistaken me for... But just for your information, there are exist another political orientation outside kissing either Democrats and Republicans' butt.
Papi nooooooo.......
@otakubouzu @biznizz Let me guess; you unironically call Fox "Faux news" and consider CNN fair and balanced, you only started calling Trump a right winger / white supremacist after he beat Hillary, you wholeheartedly believe Trump's victory was only possible through Russian collusion, and you have no particular issues with the political / media treatment of Greta Thunberg.

Feel free to correct me if I've gotten any of these assumptions wrong.
And from this discussion we can see the problem with GATE portrayal of mass media: all medias are depicted as bleeding heart liberal commies wannabe that wished nothing less than JSDF disbandment. While in real life, media from all leaning are exist, from conservatives, centrist, liberal, or for those who only interested with boobs ("Sun readers don't care who runs the country, as long as she's got big tits").

Perhaps this bleeding heart media is the fact for Japanese readers, but for international readers this kind portrayal is kinda strawman-ish and so one-dimensional.
Most of the media is corporate owned; I believe somewhere at around 90%. And just 5 or 6 corporations own that. So basically it's all corporate-sponsored crap anyway you slice it.
And of course, many in the media also have spouses/friends/colleagues in the government, so the political coverage is biased as well.

The media insulted the Covington Catholic kids and doxxed mini-AOC as well as the kid who posted the CNN meme. Media uses kids all the time to forego logic and reason to push agendas. That 15 year Kuwaiti actress Nayirah Al-Sabah was used to push support for Desert Storm. Greta is just the latest case. Here she is off script:

And I hold no ill-will towards these kids. The same cannot be said for those who are manipulating them for their own gain.
However, here's a great story about media malfeasance and comeuppance:
but that's the point i'm trying to make. the ideas make sense in the context of a generation raised in peace, in a peaceful country.

and if i missed your point, my bad

i'm more worried about harpy girl tbh
I didn't say the media as a whole was portrayed as evil or that the media was evil and I literally said I didn't agree with that being the point this manga is trying to make. I did say a lot of the media IRL is full of cunts and not trustworthy. I barely even touched the portrayal of the media in the manga and was largely speaking on IRL media. You typed a lot for no reason. And you seem to have no idea about what I was trying to say.

Also, those stupid ass concepts are stupid and only make sense if you've never been in a fight, let alone armed combat. So ironically, no, they don't make sense with context, but only make sense without context or experience.
pls let harpy live


all this bitching about the "evil media"

yeah, these guys are dumb and they have their heads up their asses, but that doesn't mean media as a whole is being portrayed as evil. Kuribayashi's sister is a journalist too, and I'm pretty sure they're not try to make her out as a bitch.

Try to remember that they're coming from a country whose only military is, by definition, a SELF DEFENSE force. Japan's pretty heavily disarmed for the most part, and the media is reporting in a way consistent with that.

"you'd already won, why do you have to kill them"
"you have superior firepower, make them surrender"

yeah, they're dumb concepts, but they make sense given the context.

It's a lot like the asshole in the diet who was trying to use rory as a 'tragic war orphan' chess piece. Yeah, it was dumb because we already knew that she's a fucking demigod. Is it really insane to believe that if this were not a manga, you would assume a little girl dressed in black clothes and a veil coming from a region in the middle of heavy causalities is probably not an avatar of a god of death, but instead a kid who just lost her parents? (before 'her expression, duh' pls remember she's wearing a full face veil and not speaking a language they understand)

i'm not saying these particular media goons aren't retarded. they super are, and the writing is REALLY heavy handed. just wanted to throw in my two cents.

e: also, if you're mad about sensationalist reporting, you're gonna have to look a little deeper than just 'the evil, elitist media'
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You say that as if the majority of the media isn't cartoonishly one dimensional. Japanese media isn't that much better than Western media. They're all pushing their side of the story that makes their team look better and gets clicks. Your examples just reinforces what I said.

Caricatures and exaggerations, while abused and obviously bias here, are used to make a point, a point which is certainly not what or as simple as you're asserting it to be, more clear. And in this case, 1/2 or 2/3 of which I'd say is pretty damn accurate.
Yes, yes, and in the same week, there was two conservatives who insulted that teen who's part of that climate change awareness initiative.

The point is that the author is making the (Japanese) media so cartoonishly one dimensionally evil that it makes the friggin' Caligula of the story look subtle in comparison.
the harpy girl... that was sad...
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