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Vol. 16 Ch. 171 - Serina, This Looks Bad...
We should all pray for her future child. For many reasons.
if she gave that kind of kirakira name to her dog you can only imagine what kind of name she'd give her real child...
@gomichandesu I don't mind it. In fact, I usually enjoy them quite a bit like those done by the Cash Money Chiyo group (Gekkan Shojo Nozaki) or 5toubun sc/a/ns.
lol I probably won't make it a habit. I try to keep any shitposting to my end card at least, so there's only 1 page unrelated to the manga itself for people to skip past if they wanted.
Was just blowin off some steam with that one since I had to do a (poorly done) long winded explanation on what was going on with the name in case anyone's a little new to manga/Japanese in my end card instead.
Adding some meme page at the end now I see (โ“ฟ_โ“ฟ)

Anyways, as usual, thanks for the release.