Haken no Kouki Altina

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Vol. 1 Ch. 5
Yet, I was sure to follow though
if you said it I had to do a Mishandling at a time
thank you for your time
EGS are coming back.


Unless you unfollow a title, it will stay on your MD List. Groups removing chapters do not affect your follows.
please report me, so that a moderator will pass the message and maybe these pages will remain active even if there are no more chapters
thank you in advance

what I find not normal is that when a group leaves MD, my MDList disappears (if only this group had filed translations).
If I am on this site it is precisely for these MDList with my current chapter, there are manga that I read on the original site and it is here that I put the chapter where I am, even when he is not there yet
before I had tabs and I made a link in my favorites on Chrome, I deleted almost all my links when I came here a year ago, now I see that this system does not work
@crazybars @Moodyz

from their bio

We previously requested chapters to be removed from MangaDex and will only upload what we feel like uploading. Asking us about it won't make a difference. If you wish to contact someone about mangadex related stuff @NekroDarkmoon
I'm confused but okay. Easy Going scans, hmmmm.

Ends at chapter 23, hmmmm, this wasn't that popular a manga was it?
I thought this scanlation group left Mangadex. Did they come back to their senses or were the chapters uploaded without permission?
Well i expected a claymore not a longsword duh.