Renai Shikou Seitokai

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Vol. 1 Ch. 7
I confessed to a girl back in middle school

oh hey, nice set up to bring in a surprise darkhorse later on.
I'd still give the guy props. Even if it was a heat of the moment thing, he's reciprocating. Most protags would just do a "Bwaaa! Peggy, help" and run off.
I'm pretty pissed that why japanese writers always mistreat their male character's development.

Right after he heard sakurada say that An actual relation b/w them is impossible, it is understandable for him to be hurt,
but what the author missed is that Izumi should've also realised that if sakurada has no feeling for him whatsoever, then that means he did some horrible things to her, just to get what he wants.
if you add this the whole thing becomes more sensible and allows more development,

for eg
first he apologises to sakurada for not considering her feelings, then get determined to try to convince the teachers while at the same time not involving sakurada any further.
there are many arguments to allow dating, its only a matter of a good discussion
while he is doing this, now you add a scene of kusaba meeting him on roof, and his motivation for removing the rule.....

see this way you give sakurada sometime to collect her feelings, and kusaba has more respect for izumi, and izumi has more growth as a character
The makings of a harem I approve of.
so detailed and hilarious
oneesan senseis can top anyone
Yup I agree Typesetter san xD