Shuumatsu no Valkyrie

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Vol. 5 Ch. 20 - Justice VS Evil
the manga really knows how to hype!

love the guy eating popcorn.
this is clearly the better version, and wow i really want jack to win, heracles is just too boring.
sniping is for losers
Uno entra para ver comentarios del capítulo, pero resulta que no hay ninguno solo niños peleándose
@IAmInept oh, didn't realize that it wasn't just the anons doing what they do, thanks for the heads-up
Chronos is a real 9ball
I lowkey wished they pinned Hercules against Samson.
@KingMab indeed let's see what they pull out
Although the story is not owned by anyone but the creator, there's a general rule in the scantalation community to not suddenly start working on a story that someone else is already working on. Especially if the first scantalation group is still consistently releasing chapters of high quality.
Thanks for the chapter Valhalla, a really better translation

Just one mistake... Shiva is an Indian God and Loki a Nordic one, it says that booth are Greek

Yeah you’re right I had thought about that but I figured that since Jack the Ripper wasn’t all that in terms of fighting power they would have made something up with it-excited to see how they spin it tho
Ahahaha Love it when a nod puts someone in their place.

Thank you for the chapter Valhalla! Was worth the wait for your translation!
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To my knowledge, there is only *one* report we've deemed rule breaking.

If you keep reporting posts frivolously, that's a good way to lose your reporting privileges. We are not your personal army.
Let a mod decide whether a comment which plays with stereotypes was racist or not?
Grow the fuck up and take a bit of criticism. I think it is interesting how you BLATANTLY ignored everything I said about KI vs VH, but then you are going sensitive just for that?
The way you are handling this is no different from a toddler throwing a tantrum. Stop ignoring the actual criticism just to play the victim card.

If you are gonna report me for racism (which, again, it wasn't), then it seems fair that I can report you for slander then.

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let the mod decide it...
We're the same race. You do not understand what racism is. I was not talking about the color of your skin, I was talking about your country. Furthermore, I was playing on stereotypes. Do you need me to explain to you what a stereotype is?

Holy crap, with you being this sensitive it's kinda amazing that you haven't broken down from all the crap people are giving you already. This is amazing, in one way.
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"Stick to your pasta making. It's the only thing you Italians are good at."
@DeadlineTD that's racist!
You DO realize that Valhalla has a website of their own? AND I don't have to have an MD account to read manga here?
Are you being fucking serious, or just stupid?
MAYBE I created my account for the sole purpose of defending the scanlator group that I like?
Stick to your pasta making. It's the only thing you Italians are good at.

EDIT: You saying that my account has been created just for shitposting: Where is your proof? I gave you a lot of good points, while you raised no good counter-arguments. Grow up.
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FAKE. This account has been created just for shitposting.
Okay, so, hello everyone, Deadline here.

I have been an avid reader of Valhalla's work for a long time. Their translations and their typesetting is, honestly, amazing. Then I was told by one of my friends to read Shuumatsu no Valkyrie.
Loved it to bits! Exciting, action-packed and just an amazing manga! And I am not the first one to notice who scanlates it (not the most observant person but whatever.)
'Till I looked at the first page, actually reading it before continuing reading the manga. Valhalla scans, it says. That makes sense! I knew I recognized the high quality redrawing etc..
This is good! Awesome!
Then a couple of weeks ago, I get a notification on MD that someone has updated Shuumatsu. Huh, really? Nope, it was some other "scanlator" (this term is used loosely here).
Kingdom Italia? Tbh I don't even bother remembering the name, because that was how forgetful their work was. The TLs were crap, the TS was... Crap and they used LQ scans. It's 2019! We have more than 640x480px on our screens. Come on. This is honestly tarnishing the name of not only Shuumatsu, but also Valhalla who has been with Shuumatsu for so long.
"But Valhalla does not own Shuumatsu", I hear you cry, from your spaghetti mobile. No, and neither does KI. But have your ever heard of MORALS? For those of you who do not, here's what you will find on Google: moral: standards of behaviour; principles of right and wrong.
Standards of behavior. This is important. This is like if my co-worker set up a server with all the necessary programs and so on to make it work, then all I do is turn it on after updates. Bit of a tangent, but my point still stands.
What I mean is: as far as the scanlation part goes, I would say that there should be some honor among scanlator groups. You knew what you were doing, why try to one-up VH when your scanlator group is inferior in any way? That's just asking for your own self-destruction. Not only that, but you then have the BALLS to re-upload VH's raws and typeset in your own native language version.
I would save face by publicly apologizing to VH. What you did is no better than stealing, both credibility for the art, and people's trust. Come on, who do you think we want to read? VH's HQ, AWESOME TS, TL and so on, or your garbage fire of a "scanlated" piece of shit, with LQ raws?
Shame on you, Kingdom Italia.
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