Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai

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Vol. 16 Ch. 81 - Yugami-kun Doesn't Have Any Friends?
I knew it! I knew there was going to a hint of romance in this! All y'all that were saying they're strictly platonic can suck it! ๐Ÿ˜†
So its finally over.

There isn't a single thing I dont love about this manga, from the dry humor to the realistic characters to the subtle character writing to the gradual and natural development between the leads. Literally everything about it is perfect. I honestly dont think we are ever going to see a better shounen slice-of-life manga than this.

I remember when this only had a dozen chapters and updates sometimes came out with months in between. Even in the beginning, it was a manga that stood out to me and immediately grabbed my attention, and I always thought it was a damn shame that such a great overlooked series will probably never get fully translated at the rate it was going. So all I can say is "thank you" to Traumerei Scans for their hardwork.

Looking forward to the author's next work!
@Darklight99 Thank you so much for the recommendation! Currently at chapter 10. I love it so far, it's so damn wholesome
@Froshi It's a pretty different kind of manga, but for a comfy SoL, go read Machida no Sekai kun.
Good ending 7/10
@xyzabc welp, that's what I get for trying to mess with somebody else's business, especially when I did it on the road, out of boredom LOL.

This is OOT

As for the free fries as a compensation thing, I wouldn't say that I completely agree with you but your comment is quite reasonable.

To say that Chihiro would expect it & Yugami wouldn't have to announce it are definitely taking it too far, or in other words, you're overanalyzing like me LOL.

But, IMO the important point from your comments is we get the feeling that Chihiro didn't expect the fries. But, it was still ambiguous. We only get to see Chihiro's typical three dots face and then she simply said "thank you very much". So, we need more informations from the next pages, previous chapters & next chapter to know what really happened. This is exclusively for the free fries LOL

It's easier if we jumbled all the informations (by paying attention). That way our mind will automatically rationalize and bring out intuitions on what really happened. So, my closing remark is "don't overanalyze, simply pay attention & your brain will do the work" LOL
Im glad reading this comment section. Just realized thats a lot of hint in this chapter. Thanks guys
Anyone know any similar type of manga? Or any manga that's comprised of lovable characters like this
I'm happy this ended well. But I REALLY need more of thiss.

Thanks for your concern.๐Ÿ˜

You are right about not going to the internet if I am homesick, and doing my work before writing long unnecessary analysis that no one asked for๐Ÿ™„--but to be clear

I'm not homesick, i.e. missing my family.

I'm at home instead at work, because I'm sick with a cold.๐Ÿ˜ฉ

At some point, I'd like to go a list of all the things Yugami has given Chihiro.

"The part where he said "well it is on the house but ..." is definitely out of nowhere. "

I figured if the free fries were a part of a promotion, then Chihiro would expect them and Yugami wouldn't have to announce them like he did.
Ah, @xyzabc gave out more details on the free fries. I wanted to add details similar to yours but I thought it would be an overkill LOL.

Yup, I agree with your comments on Yugami's conversation with Chihiro at the door. He simply said "Oh" & moved on to the pizza & fries. Either he's genuinely surprised (the Yugami way) or he expected it (or at least had hoped/predicted that it could be THAT Chihiro).

You also did your homework on comparison to previous chapters. That's when we get extra informations on Yugami giving things to Chihiro and compare those with the free fries event in this chapter.

The part where he said "well it is on the house but ..." is definitely out of nowhere. Yugami had done it with other people but certainly he had done it much more with Chihiro. So it's a typical Yugami-Chihiro interaction.

I don't want to comment on things other than the free fries LOL. But, @xyzabc you shouldn't go to the internet when you have work. Real life distractions & refreshments, like cafe & cinemas, are better than the internet (timewise, physically-wise). If you're really homesick then just call home or finish your work & simply go home. Sorry if I offend you though. I really didn't mean any harm.
it's a good ending. I had fun with this.
I’m not sure why I’m writing this very long post that no one ask for except--

1- I really love this manga. I’m not unhappy that it is over [because sometimes when extend a pleasure you end up diluting it] but I will miss it dearly. At this point in my manga reading life Koe no Katachi and Yugami-kun ni wa Tomdachi ga Inai are my favorite mangas of all the mangas I’ve read. Both have male protagonist are don’t quite fit in to their society.

2-The comments section has been a tremendous help in providing distraction while I waited for updates and has offer information that deepened my insight into the story.

3-I’m home sick and have work but catch up on, but . . .

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That's great then. I do agree with you if we're talking about the ending. Anybody who really read & like this manga must & perhaps will come to a conclusion similar to yours.

I simply wrote that looooong comment & overanalyzing for the sake of @scarletcrow and the free fries LOL. Perhaps I only want to make an example for @scarletcrow & other people that there are things like this that you could see as hints & allusions everywhere in the manga. I want them to see it that way and perhaps they could enjoy this manga more by overanalyzing like me. LOL I'm such a weirdo. Well, maybe not over like me, simply pay attention because this writer is a good writer that drop hints, so it's better if we use our heart & head a little.
@dgrcp Yeah, I understand. In any other manga this ending will most probably just be bitter-sweet. So, it becomes hard to judge this ending without context.
But, for this particular manga this ending was just perfect!! We understand the characters and this seems the most fitting ending. For such an ending it is hard to predict the reception ahead of time!!
Damn. I didn't expect such an unanimous reception for Yugami. It's already number one in this site. Looks like MangaDex really has a thing for slice of life, and I'm not complaining. This place is something else.

@scarletcrow we should consider the facts involving this free fries LOL. One of the girls said that the pizza delivery was surprisingly fast. It's not really surprising since the delivery guy was Yugami.

Or, it could be just the girls being clumsy with time. But then again, we're talking about Yugami here, that Yugami.

Or, it could also be it was just Kuzumi who was watching baseball. The ball slipped by and the batter either failed or succeed in his run. Therefore the remark, "already? that was fast" LOL. Or she simply said it because it was the end of the match then it's time for the girls to get the plates LOL. The tv screen only showed a guy succeeded in his run though.

Things in the previous paragraph could be a decoy judging from the context & sequence of conversation bubbles in that panel. Or, it's simply lost of context because of translations.

Perhaps Chihiro was the one who ordered the pizza & her name was written on the order/receipt. It's highly probable since they gathered at her place after all.

Lastly, a pizza restaurant or a pizzeria usually gave out free pizza or coupons for your next order, or simply gave out your current order for free as a compensation.

This is where you need context in this chapter and informations from the previous & the next chapters to fully understand what really happened.

All things considered, adorable isn't it? This manga made you do deductions like Sherlock Holmes, but unlike Mr. Holmes with all his murder cases, we have adorable & cutesy stuffs.

As for me, I already have one solid interpretation of the free fries. But, damn, the writer & editor really did their job with the panels & bubbles arrangements.

Just reread the manga for the sake of understanding all the hints & allusions. This manga totally deserves the rating.
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Kuzumis new look is great on her.
Harassing the fries for being oily in the country of tempura and korokke is kind of stupid. So is the price for a pizza the size of a cookie and then dividing it up between 5 persons.

But I'll miss Yugami-kun!
i'll miss this
@rizakatsudon Isn't the french fries just a compensation for the late delivery? I thought it was a company policy or something, that's why Yugami is obliged to give it to Chihiro, but at the same time, warns her to not eat it because it's unhealthy. Kinda cute, isn't it?
What a Yugami ending to a Yugami series. Sad to see it ended, but glad that it happened.
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