Kekkaishi e no Tensei

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Vol. 1 Ch. 3
I just want to know if that slave crest is still active or not.
Couldn't the dude just buy himself out?
Well, it might be better for his reputation, and the people around him are very good, so employment there will be better for him after.
Arghh shit. This damn spoiler and maniac least let the lady safe (not like wn fed to prince dragon(?) ) i think i will drop this ._.
look at this Dude clothes he can change it like magic.. what an amazing work from drawer

poor slave, he'll prob be screwed over by his new owner
Replace the word "SLAVE" by "job" there is not much difference in freedoms, it is even you have to accomodate housing, transport and food yourself which adds stress.
Worse we are made to believe that we are free when in the end we are forced to do things

all that to say that there is not only one deffinition of slavery
and that we should not all define with one word and one interpretation of this word
because nothing is simple in life

you should try to put yourself in the shoes of others, it will change the way you look at the world
besides, it should also help you better understand your situation
Just read the spoilers. Damn, that's a shame, but peace I'm out.
Just looked at the WN a bit, Eril is way older than she even appears here. When he was 9, she was 24, so 15 years older than him.

Also looked further at the WN (chapter 34 so far)... basically these three chapters are the most interesting it gets, everything sort of goes downhill from here. And not because of tragedy, but because the author is a maniac.
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@CelticMutt At the very least, they seems to have removed the video game elements, so the OP boost will be very difficult to explain.

For those not knowing, without spoiling too much: soon the story went from daily life as a butler to generic OP isekai (even extremely generic. All the staples food are there: )

If it turns like the WN, I'll surely drop
Is that Bird AHEAGO?
I'm just going to point out something I feel needs to be pointed out in every chapter of an isekai manga: Any spoilers people read outside of RAW chapters likely come from the web novel source. Web novels are rough drafts that will be altered when turned into a light novel, and manga adaptations will always come from the light novels, not the web novels.

I cannot tell you how many times I've seen people who read the web novel for something get confused when new events occur or events get altered when they read the manga. So just remember that any spoilers for this series are not guaranteed to be accurate anymore.

That said ... it's probably a safe bet that any spoilers you have seen are about 80% likely (random safe number) to be accurate.

29-sai Dokushin wa Isekai de Jiyuu ni Ikita……katta
mangas only just getting to that part right now though.
@Sep10trion What's the name?

that's the problem though, he isn't a servant, he's a slave. There's a seal on him that can make him obey their orders against his will. They may not use it but he doesn't really have free will.


A bit of a correction on the spoiler
This is just as bad as the isekai where the MC gets date raped by the girl
Better to drop this manga if you dont want to break your heart.

Sorry my english suck..
@macarroiz You are wrong about that. In ancient times, elite slaves (personal bodyguards, teacher, butler, ...) had quite a good status. So if you were a slave coming from the slums or from a war (village), being trained into becoming an elite slave was a salvation, because you would never have a status as high if you were free. But it's true that it was extremely rare, most elite slaves had a higher status when they were free (nobility, soldiers, ...).
In this story, we can suppose he was from the slums, so him being trained as an elite slave is in fact a good thing.
But I agree that slavery was never a good thing globally, that it was something that needs to be abolished. If all slaves were of the elite category (who were an investment), it could be a good thing; but it always was low-level slaves in majority (not treated better than a beast, cheap man power, just a merchandise). It's even worst now since nearly all slaves are of the low-level category.

Btw, they were 3 different categories: low-level, elite and gladiator (only for the roman system)
So many happy moments.
So, if there are no birds, a dragon will do, then? ?
After reading the novel it..... truly sad
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