Kainushi Juujin to Pet Joshikousei

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Vol. 2 Ch. 16
Because human hears only a bunch of woof woof sounds
everyone's talking about sniping or whatnot and I'm not smart enough to keep up, but i'm more preoccupied with how the mom noticed that the human can talk? Or something like that? Why couldn't the human talk with the wolf/animals in the first place?
One of the biggest problems I have with this setting is how ignorant these people seem to be about human intelligence. It seems to have a very similar technology level as our world so it breaks my suspension of disbelief that no scientists have studied humans. Just look at how many studies humans do on animals such as rats, birds, chimps, dolphins and other animals to test their inteligence and problem solving skills.
This drama was quite pointless, Himecchi will be the only one doing this manga scanlations and I'll go do something else as a hobby. Simple, it seriously didn't need all this.

@Ifrittuccia again anyone has the right to complain about anything. You don’t get to decide if other people are allowed to complain or not. They’re allowed to complain even if someone thinks they shouldn’t.

I also wouldn’t compare manga translating to thievery or drug handling. Thievery and drug handling are clearly illegal while manga translating is in a gray area.

Anyway, now I’m gonna do what you’re doing and say you should stop complaining. At least to me. This whole argument/complaint has gotten out of hand and I don’t want to hear anymore. Feel free to continue posting but don’t include or @ me.
@Flavor25 I'm sorry but I don't agree with you.
A thief cannot complain if another thief steals his "job" (which is not a job but a hobby but oh well). ๐Ÿ˜…
It's a contradiction, they both made a mistake because it is illegal.
It is as if a drug dealer gave a thief to another drug dealer because he stole his customers.
It is something ironic and absurd for me, I would have given him reason if he had created the manga and he was publishing it in a legal way, like the authors you find on webtoon so to speak.
Their jobs are theirs and they have the right to complain, but if one starts translating without the author's consent, he has no right to complain.
The right to complain (to me) is only when we really have the right.
No one ordered Himecchi to do something, he did it of his own free will.
@Ifrittuccia Everyone has the right to complain. That’s kinda how talking works. As for everything else, I believe behind the scenes stuff is none of my business. Complain, snipe, whatever. I don’t want to complain when I’m not the one doing the work. So if translators want to fight it out then whatever.
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No matter what, thank you for your work.
@Himecchi I kinda hope it was their language. That way even if they initially suspected it to be just mimicry like psittaculidae birds (parots, parakeets etc) they would likely begin attempting to teach her more of their language and as she starts developing a basic conversational grasp of it they'd quickly realise it isn't mimicry, she would eventually also be proficient enough to explain her situation as well.
@Himecchi Congratulations on the mature comment, I think I was quite respectful in my comment to you and to all those who translate,obviously I must have offended you and I apologize otherwise you won't explain your answer.
Your comment shows me that you don't always deserve the respect, I don't add any more because I don't want to fall into your flame attempt.
Good day. :)

@Flavor25 then I make one thing clear, it's not that if I don't wear a giant sign with the words "I translated manga in the past and I have also translated anime" it means that I didn't have that experience. ๐Ÿ˜…
I know very well how much effort it takes but this does not justify the complaint that is happening lately on mangadex.
They will have the right to complain only when they are the official translators, that is, who have had permission from the author or from a publisher for example mangatoon.
And there are teams that work for the latter but have not yet seen them complain, it will be that nobody has even started to translate the chapters and post them on mangadex.
But there they risk and I hope that nobody does.

@SiKucing As I have already written in Flavor25, I know very well the work behind it and I understand that it can be annoying but the term they coined is absurd and ridiculous in my opinion.
It makes no sense, as you wrote, it is also illegal.
If it was a legal thing, he could also be there, but this is ridiculous.
I don't want to sound repetitive but it was a much smarter move if you contacted the other team in private and that's it.
Then for heaven's sake we are reminded of the usual story of the short time and all the rest, for me it was spoken in private and maybe you could collaborate in order to reduce the weight.
Without putting in the credits the word "sniping" which is also ugly. :)
Especially if used in a context where the thief gives a thief to another thief.
Thank you for the release! Posting the chapters here would be amazing and easy for us readers to follow. But that's all up to what you feel like Himecchi!

Would be cool if she did speak their language and I love the mom in this chapter, maybe except the big smack after she dressed Lila's wound xD
@MC_Gigglepants, oh, that's definitely not what I meant. Like, really. Basically, what I meant was that since people don't like that I take 4 months for each chapter and still basically monopolize the right to it, I could back off and let the person who did the previous chapter just continue releasing chapters however they want at their speed while I also keep working on it with my same pace in a smaller community.
This is by no means "wahahaha now you have to come to my discord to read it" ploy. With no replies, I'm just simply going to continue the same way. So, chapters per 2-3 month, I guess. Well, whenever I'm free.

As for anything else, I don't think that any more comments about it are necessary. Nobody's saying anything new and going back and forth with the same thing is meaningless.

About the chapter though, did she talk in her language or in *their* language?? This has been bothering me so fucking much.
i love this so much, when i started i honestly thought i wouldnt but oh well im here now LOL
Everybody else all up in here talking about sniping and whatnot.

Looks like the mom noticed that the pet human is a lot smarter than their people give them credit for. I wonder when they'll finally be able to communicate with each other?
@Vofuro The hypocrisy of asking gratitude for free work all the while killing the same free work by others by acting the victim called "sniped" just literally churned my stomach right now. Don't, it's sickening.
omg this got dramatic/toxic fast. Himecchi actually tries to adress complaints and seek solutions, and you start bashing? Why?? Just answer "we want to stay on mangadex, it's more comfortable for us" and don't insult people for their FREE work. x.X
I, for one, am really thankful to you for scanlating this manga, I really enjoy it :) And just do whatever you like, you can't make everyone happy anyway, some people will react badly regardless what you do.
Care to elaborate? As much as i see it, sniping doesn't prevent group from making their own releases. I do agree that releasing something that other group worked on no longer than 3 months ago without contacting them first is in bad taste (also, considering prior delays), but you can't expect every person on the internet to be respectful.
In all honesty fuck Discord with a rusty spoon. It's like invite only reddit with more gate keeping. Just the thought of having a bunch of scanlators all jumping over to dumping imgur links on personal Discord channels makes me want to convulse in disgust at how convoluted that would be.

I'm thankful for your work but people are free to scan whatever they please and scanlators have no ownership over anything besides their own work.

This sniping mentality needs to end. If you want to work on something then do it, if you want to translate something differently then do it. Want to throw in a speed scan a month earlier while another group works on a better version? Why not! In the end readers will just read whatever suits their tastes more.
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