Siscon Ani to Brocon Imouto ga Shoujiki ni Nattara

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Ch. 39 - When You Want to Pack Your Love
Why don't people just enjoy a wholesome manga rather than starting dramas in the comment section
When there's always more drama in the comments than in the whole manga
when will their parents discover?

@saito197 2 weeks wouldn’t be bad if they weren’t short chapters of around 8 pages. That’s generally half or less the page count of weekly serialized manga from magazines like shounen jump and such

There's nothing wrong with incest so long as they use contraceptives or outright get snipped so they don't get kids because it's the kid that will suffer if there are defects.

So have all the sex they want just don't drag others (in this case, potential kids) into it

Also ditto with the guy above, threesome with Ami when?
Oyakodon when? Threesome with Ami when?
That's not the point, the point is that it's hypocritical and sophistic to complain about people complaining. I get why it's irritating, but it neither answers the criticisms nor alleviates it. It's a fallacious response from people that can't answer the criticism but don't have the ability to ignore it. Especially when it's a reductive, simplistic and borderline straw-man of an argument that basically labels people who complain as the simplest possible thing, ignoring all other possibilities or nuances of a comment(s).

If some dipshit is actually shitting on a good manga, it's easy to respond and point it out and how he's wrong. If some idiot is espousing a reasonable and or understandable opinion you don't like, it makes no sense to respond with a response that basically translates to "I don't agree with or want to see your comments so go away". If some moron is trolling or espousing an unreasonable and or incoherent opinion, you're an idiot not for pointing that out or starting a fight, but responding with that kind of non-response.

People who respond with that crap either always praise series and never have a negative opinion, or get into fights with people who do the same shit they do when they finally dislike a series. And some series are shit all the time, maybe not this one, but complaining for the duration of shit manga or complaining about a persistent issue, genuine or not, is sensical. You bitch about a problem until it's fixed. Telling them to "go away" when there is a block function and they're not breaking any rules and generally being more annoying than the person they're complaining about isn't sensical.

These morons freaking out and reeing are literally saying that in response to a single comment which says:
I know this relationship is wrong but damn that smile at page 6 is too adorable. Also what a nice chocolate heart she made :)
A reasonable and rather factual comment depending on your interpretation. Not to mention, some of these idiots are actually saying real world incest isn't wrong / has no issues.
@Yautja I usually do mind them, but honestly the manga title is about incest, the description says they are an incest couple, we are already at chapter 39 and people still complaint about incest.

Like, if they don't like it and complaint at chapter 10 or something I wouldn't mind but sticking for nearly 40 chapters then tell the world how they hate incest every time a new chapter comes out is a bit absurd.

@Quiescent-Rose 2 weeks per chapter is pretty fast tbh
Don't mind this manga, don't mind the complaints, do mind the stupid comments that always say "iF yoU dUN lIEK iT dOn'T REEEaD iT".
Sweet ending. Usually chapter end pages like that are boring but this was executed in just the right way. Honestly If I were in his shoes, I wouldn't want to eat it, but chocolate goes bad eventually. I actually enjoyed this chapter a lot more than the recent few.
People who hate incest gtfo please
Best imouto ever!
The same discussion in every damn chapter, if you don't like wincest go read another manga.

btw this is a fairly big step, now the mom knows that her little girl likes someone, since she didn't make the usual chocolate for Ritsu is suspicious
When the chapter title is misleading and makes you think of hentai.
@arcsalvo ur bad
Real incest is bad, but this is fiction and Uta's really cute, so I don't really think about it that much.
Gosh that’s adorable. I really wish these chapters weren’t so short and the release rate so slow.

@trieuvuhoang I don’t really want to turn this thread into a discussion on the morality of inbreeding, but I thought I’d add a little information I know.

For the average couple there’s about a 2% chance of a birth defect, while for first cousins it’s about 4%. For half siblings, it is estimated to raise to around 8-10%. I don’t have data on full siblings, but since their shared dna should be double that of half siblings, which is 25%, we can estimate full sibling to have around a 16-20% chance. Keep in mind it varies a decent amount based on individual instances, these are just averages and estimates since there’s not a ton of data on close relationships.

Once it gets that high I wouldn’t feel comfortable trying to have a child, but there are plenty of modern solutions to this problem as someone else mentioned.
@HYBRID_BEING Eh, i mean incest doesn't always end with burth defect. In fact, the chance to have birth defect is still way too small to be considered a big threat, repeated incest however is a different issue. Also, inbreed also isn't always a bad thing, too. Conan a famous tv show host is diagnose with inbreeding since he is 100% irish
It's anime/2D guys, that shit doesn't happen here.
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