Isekai Meikyuu de Harem wo

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Vol. 4 Ch. 24 - Quratar (2)
Mc: how did she know Roxanne was a slave๐Ÿ˜ฑ
Everyone reading this: Ayo she got a collar on bruh
@Tatherwood : Some things it seems obvious to charge for, other things it seems obvious not to... and some things it isn't so clear-cut... at least from my perspective.

The public transport thing is an odd case, at least here if not other places... I mean on one hand I have to pay all these taxes, and you'd think that would account for the public transport too... BUT on the other hand I also have to pay fares directly for the transport. Fares which forever seem to escalate here in London to ridiculous prices, especially considering the way the city functions basically necessitates using them. Makes me think maybe the tax money isn't actually going to the public transport at all... in which case where the fuck IS it going? Anyway... yeah... if a vehicle uses more fuel to transport a greater load then it makes sense to pay some amount... but paying twice leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

But paying simply to be somewhere... as long as I'm not tracking filth in that needs to be cleaned up, my presence doesn't cost anything.... so there is no reason I should have to pay. And lights are often more of a nuisance than a help to me since I'm photosensitive. I can see better by moonlight than I can by sunlight.
@SotiCoto Fair, I guess. I still see a difference, but I'm not sure I'd be able to provide a good example.
I could mention public transportation, for instance (you pay for the ride, and with that money the government keeps the service running), or... Idk, public infraestructure (through taxes your city pays to turn on the lights at night), but I fear we'd enter into a deeper debate and there's no point.

I could say again that I see your point about smuggling, and even understand it, regardless of whether I agree with it or not. But I also still feel that comparing this with smuggling is not quite correct.
...that said, I'd also warp myself in to not pay XD
@Tatherwood : ... But most museums in London are free entry. There are special exhibits, but for the most part you can just walk into a museum here and hang out the same would at a park or library. The British Museum was my preferred hangout spot when I was in University.

But as for places I would have to pay to get into... whether or not I'd consider it fair to sneak in is whether my being there would cost anything... e.g. in maintenance or whatever. If my presence or absence makes no significant difference then I'd gladly sneak in.
"Why are you grinning? Can you tell that Roxanne is a slave?"
I mean...she literally has a slave collar, so...๐Ÿ˜…

@SotiCoto I see your point about smuggling, but I think it's a bit more complicated. It was said that labyrinths near cities are managed by the lord (danger of monsters?), so the soldiers need to keep watch or something. That means salaries, so taxes seem kinda fair, generally speaking.
Think a museum. You pay to enter, and then watch all you want. Would you say sneaking into one is fair game too?
Page 2. Title Page. Roxanne in glasses.
I both love and hate those sorts of title pages.
Love because seeing hotties in glasses is always good.... but sorta hate because I know it won't ever be canon and we won't see it again. =(

Heh... imagine living in a country where it doesn't rain equally all year round and they have a "rainy season". Pfffft!

Anyhow... I don't get why they're renting. Wasn't he talking about buying a home before?

@GrimGriefer : Smuggling is a just and appropriate response to the unethical act of assigning taxes / tariffs simply to take stuff from A to B. It'd be one thing if it was payment for the manual labour of transportation, but having to pay just for access is bullshit.
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Bigger Private House + Peaceful and Quiet Location

Noise Problem = 0

hehe.. but yeah.. that house looks really good would highkey want one.


Just make sure they don't get involved with any HOA
I would actually like watching that. Mixing porn in with other media seems like a good idea, actually.
imagine watching HGTV and Pornhub on the same channel, that's what this manga is now lmao
Just because he can bypass the entrance tax, he thinks it's okay. That's exactly what smuggling is. Illegally transporting him and his party across a border.
@megavirus loli elf? I don't swing that way but still i'll waiting
now @Rover you can see Sherry on the first page here
Man, this was a wholesome chapter on real estate.
rent or buy rent or buy rent or buy rent or buy
@DonGiovanni Even though slaves are treated better than they were in our world, don't forget that Michio's treatment of Roxanne (and later other slaves) is still pretty unusual by the Other World's standards. They don't see it as rude to check a slave out like that at all.
The laws on slavery seem to accord them rights similar to pets, which is at least better than being an "object". You wouldn't think twice about doing the same to a cat or dog, would you?
@theskrie I do not deny any of that, the writing as a whole is entirely terrible. I just singled out the mirror stuff because that specific thing REALLY rustles my jimmies for a TON of reasons lol.
You know, for a manga about building a harem, we’ve gotten four straight volumes of “in the dungeon with big-tiddy dog girl”, and you know what?

That’s all right by me.
The authors last message was pretty beautiful.


The author is expressing that we all tend to change as we grow up and that becomes our point of maturity. The most common being things like war service, parenthood, personal loss and personal gain. The thing about conservatism and communism was showing how those people changed. The Revolutionaries in France were radical progressives that even changed the measurement system and weekday system in France, in the pursuit of the new and better. Those people then became conservative after the birth of the Republic as their perspective changed. Same for MacArthur. He was the commander of the Allies in the Pacific. He made a number of decisions in Japan to break the 'warrior-spirit' of the Japanese people, but he then focused his attention on the spread of Communism and then found himself a fast ally of the Japanese people.
that color page at the front is just absolutely sugoi
Why is there a bit about conservatives and communism at the end, in the author’s message? It kinda feels out of place.
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