Amanogawa Ke no Yon Shimai

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Ch. 107 - Lose
If it is the author's intent to piss off the readers with this latest arc and the manipulative little green-haired bitch, it is sure working with me. I detest insensitive, self-important people who go after someone who is already in a happy relationship with a significant other just because they can.

I'm not at all pleased with Sumeragi-kun, either. He's an insensitive boyfriend who allows himself to be led around by another woman. Under her influence he's even reverted to calling his girlfriend formally, yet calling the manipulative little green-haired bitch informally. And apologizing to her for something he thinks his girlfriend might have said to her.
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He is kind of a broken person due to his past, so it makes some sense he can be quite blind to many things. When he was himself never loved, it can be hard for him to know how to love. He's an idol, so the work forces him to act cordially if not friendly and look happy, no matter what, masking his flaws. Furthermore, the idol and show business world is full of fake love, so when you are a person who doesn't know what love is, it might be confusing.