Boukensha ni Naritai to Miyako ni Deteitta Musume ga S Rank ni Natteta

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Ch. 13
Yup she's always holding back when she spars with her father, isn't she? Well, maybe not consciously. Her reaction's speed is unbelievable. Moreover, she has that split-second vision which a world-class athlete would have.
I am also worried like the father that even after that she still has not learnt the lesson, but time will tell.
@cor3zone Well, sorry to disappoint you...
@mommunism @subliminal negative and positive reinforcement both works while punishment doesn’t negative reinforcement is not equal to a punishment in summery

Positive = you give something they desire
Negative = you take something they desire
Punishment = you give something they do not desire

Examples of each

Positive = giving a (candy) to someone who did a good job the candy is something they desire, if they do not want said candy reinforcements will fail

Negative = taking away the internet to someone who did not do a good job, The internet is what said person wants which leads to said person to do a better job so that internet will no longer be taken away from him/her what angie’s father doing negative reinforcement, taking away the right to be his father, though it’s definitely on the high level, another high level of negative reinforcement is taking away once freedom in the form of prison cells (if you don’t count the abuse they receive in prison that’s why prisons with facilities that can make inmates better themselves works better in changing inmates)

Punishment = slapping someone who did a bad job(an example was given about dog bites but at that point it’s trauma working and not because the reinforcement worked) pain is the thing given which is something most of us do not desire, unless if you are an M then it becomes positive reinforcement for said person
Calling it, something will happen to the daughter and the father will go in the fray.
nice heartwarming scene
Wholesome chapter!

The moment i saw research.
Yup, someone must be still in study phase and hasn't taste real parenting phase.
Good job for writing wall of text tho.
With him blocking the last page, i thought No Group will cancel translating the manga
Now it makes sense, he lost his leg to a demonlord but was an adventurer with the potential to hit S-rank. chill so does this mean that Angie became S-Rank because her teacher was an S-rank.๐Ÿค”
I didn't liked the whole idea of Red Ogre-san regarding Angie's disposition to train, but it worked and was on the spot.

There's several people saying things like "he could've talked with her and bla bla", and they're right, actually I was thiking "he could've said something along the lines of:
- Angie please, take the train seriously.. I'm pretty worried about you and I won't be able to stay health/peacefully if you're not taking this seriously".

And Angie would probably, do her best to defeat his dad, coz we all know that she loves him like there's no tomorrow.

But that's our point of view as readers, Although papa-san knows Angie loves him, I'm pretty sure he can't grasp the level of love her daughter has for him, he just thinks she's a spoiled child.

It could've worked better if he just talked to her, but he was worried sick about her and that's why he went with that stupid idea imho.
@eyeman325 yes, just adding that he could probably still become an s ranked adventurer if he really tried
this translation group is wack. they are the literal group of people who just wants to translate some manga and have fun with it. lol
Now that I think about it, the dad gives of a lot of Thors vibes from Vinland Saga
Angie is too damn cute
Kind of makes me wonder how good he'd be if he stopped doubting himself.
so...just my analysis, but he's actually a promising adventurer and got the potential to be an S-rank back in the day, but his career was short lived because he met a demon king spawn?
Tough way is most of dad's way of love.
I think Bel did the right thing, he only said that he'll disown her to make her spar more seriously. Even after that he apologized and made her understand that he doesn't actually hate her.
Bel did the right example of tough love because many parents who tried it usually only focus on the "tough" part and forget about the "love" which made the children think that they genuinely hate them.

Also, I believe even if Ange lost he won't literally disown him. He'll just make her retire early or something until she's ready.
I have real-life experience.
My acquaintances (in the same district) are now still grief in sorrow for not being strict with their son until they heard the phone call from the hospital to come and take their son's corpse back.
Traffic accident, he didn't wear a helmet.
Because he was their only son, they spoiled him rotten. They always gave him whatever he likes to encourage him to study. He was rather smart but was also lazy.
They often told him to wear a helmet but he was like "No need, there are a lot of people don't wear a helmet while riding"

Meanwhile, back when I was a child, I chase a ball and was about to get hit by a bike.
My mom slapped me real hard in the face, it was really hurt.
But then she sat down and hugged me really tight while crying "Why didn't you be careful? What if you got git and died, how could I live? Thank god you are alive!"
I was even more hurt than when I got slapped.

From that lesson, I always remember to be careful of vehicles whenever I go out.
But I doubt if I could learn that lesson if my parent gave me candies and told me to be careful.
The only bad thing is that I may have become worried too much that people often call me a worry-wart.
Girl is adorable.
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