Ame Nochi Balloon

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I read this and think, "Do you know there's only a finite amount of helium trapped in the Earth's crust, and we've possibly exhausted most of it already?"

...Snarks aside, this comes just short of being a really moving story about pain, irony, and emotional redemption, but unfortunately didn't quite hit it for me (I mean my eyes might have gotten wet, but if you knew me you'd know that's a really low bar XD).

It felt a little rushed and like some bits were a bit forced, which is ok when it's a happy story, but when tackling subjects of death and grieving it feels like it's cheapening and trivializing it unduly to cut corners like this.
A tale about littering
Every time a balloon was set loose, I think about a baby bird getting strangled by the string or something along those lines