Zettai Karen Children

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Vol. 51 Ch. 490 - After the War, I'm Coming Home (1)
Those fourth-wall-breaking jokes though XD thanks for the chapter!
Thank you for the nice tip! We will for sure try this method out for the subsequent chapters.
You can clean scans from jpg artifacts, make them to be same size as the previous chapters, and save in png-8 to not damage textures further. All of this can be done with just single action. Like this: https://www.sendspace.com/file/iei67v
Or at least save scans with high quality / 100% jpg, not this LQ horror.
@Rugid Hello! These are the best scans that we could acquire for now. All we have control over is our own translation. Unless we can find a reliable raw provider, the quality will be like this only up to chapter 514. Thank you for your feedback.
My eyes!
>dat LQ scans
>dat even more LQ jpg
Why would you do this?
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