Suuji de Sukuu! Jyakushou Kokka

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Ch. 1
@stal2walk it only gets worse the lower the success rate is too
50% rate: pull 2 times, 75% success probability
33% rate: pull 3 times, 70% success probability
20% rate: pull 5 times, 67% success probability
5% rate: pull 20 times, 64% success probability
1% rate: pull 100 times, 63.4% success probability
0.01% rate: pull 10000 times, 63.2% success probability!
This guy destroyed the concept of gacha. That's a very impressive first impression.

The rational hero and princess. I am so down. Here's hoping the ecchi is downplayed.
a bit ecchi... but I love this manga already
4 stars not more. Do they really listen to childrens? They just kill them and put on throne some puppet.
RNG is root of evil....

beware of gacha addiction.....
this guy ruin my illusion theory about gacha
RIP 1% x 100 = 100% dreamlike theory
"Wait that girl looks like ekakibit's doujin chara, who's the artist"


"Oh it is ekakibit"
@Yahagai Yea at the times I didn't understand the logic/concept behind the calculations, but now I know. But thanks anyway.
@Nullify You simply calculate 1-(1-0,05)^20 and you get 64%. In other words 100% - (chance of failure)^(amount of tries).
Man, I don't understand how it becomes a 64%. Like personally probability was never a Strong point for me in math, but I just can't conceptually find it to be a 64% chance. The only explanation they give is the rate of success = 1 - rate of failure (well Duh) which does not help at all. Can someone explain to me the concept or logic behind this?

Ok looking at the picture it seems that he does 0.95^20 which is ~0.36 which comes explains why 64%. But it still doesn't give info on why the equation is rate^turns.

Ok, so I drew some pictures for myself and now I made sense of it.
So lets say H = hit or gacha win and M = miss or lose so the probabilities or P is P(M) = 0.95 and P(H) = 0.05. 20 draws is too much to write so I'll first show what the percent is to win if 2 draws were made
So in 2 draws the sequences are HH, HM, MH, or MM. Their goal is to get at least 1 hit so the probability of getting their goal is P(MM) which is equal to 0.95^2 = 0.90. This means that if they have a 5% chance to win SSR and they draw 2 times then they would only have a 10% chance of getting at least 1 SSR.

Since each subsequent draw gives a lower increment chance of winning at least 1 SSR then to approach 100% they would need infinity draws.
@YuriM You sure? if it was realistic to real life in that time period I'd agree to an extent but based on the fact there seems to be guns and other little details I'm not even 100% sure what time period it's goin' for. It just seems to be an under developed fantasy world.
I hope he can prove her mathematically, that the war is not a women's place. At least in the medieval.
@Philsgn for his defense, he was a small kid at the moment he did the formula, maybe it's just the athor that mess up, but maybe it's just to show that he make errors.
This looks good! Thank you for the translation
I clicked because... reasons ( อก° อœส– อก°) and mainly because I actually like math! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
I thought this was going to be a genderswap reincarnation isekai series for a moment.

I remember when I was his age, the extent of my "love" of math only extended to writing 58008 on a basic calculator, and maybe 5318008.
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I don't know why I'm commenting; I never do. However, I saw those formulas, and I had to say something. (Idk how to use this comment system)

The formula written for the Breast Equations "works" (not entirely though from reasons soon explained).
[ y = sqrt(r - (|x| - c)^2) ] written is derived from the Circle formula [ x^2 + y^2 = r^2 ].
r is the radius. c is the position of the center of the circle. x, y obviously create the shapes
the Absolute Value of x [denoted |x|] puts the two semi-circle on the left and the right sides (Quadrants I and II) to get the two lumps of the Breasts. Not a bad start here (but his Breast semi-circles drawn have inconsistent Radii).

HOWEVER, throwing two random smaller semi-circle for the nipples is NOT good enough. Because it's a semi-circle, you have one round side but one flat horizontal side.
The kid did not account for this, so the nipples are technically unattached. He would either change the formula or lower the position of those smaller figures.
(Idk how to insert image to demonstrate this. )

TL;DR Good start on the breast formula, but nipples have been unfortunately removed from the breasts.
Technically the gacha probability calculation is correct,...
If he's the only one doing the draw that is.
Has anyone plotted the formula? Is it the real oppai formula?
edit: wait a minute, the formula has only a Y, but no X. You can't graph it.
Math actually could be the first legit OP skill for somebody to take to an isekai...

...only this protagonist's math skills don't actually seem to be all that good.
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