Koroshi Ai

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Vol. 6 Ch. 32 - Ally
Every tidbit revealed about their identities and their past just makes me want more. It’s as thrilling as the action parts and makes the moments in between so so good.
would have loved an alternative story where they lived as traveling thieves

chapter 12: 17 years ago, chateau was a little girl

chapter 29: (also 17 years ago) male lead is a teenager so chapter 3's estimate of ML's age: 32 seems accurate.

chapter 30.5: little chateau's official age was stated to be 4

so chateau is 4 + 17 = 21 officially
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I really love this series<3
Unravelling the mysteries behind Ryang ha's true identity and his relationship with Chateau are the things that keep me invested. There's still lot of things to uncover but easygoing Ryang ha here is what I like! Then he goes to coldblooded next minute >. >

Thank you for the chapter Traumerei! Hugs~
Aaaaaaaah!!! The cliffhanger is making me crazy!!
Dang the last page is a mind blowing semi revelation. When he said "when I finally found you AGAIN"

They were connected with each other in the past!! The big question is HOW they were related?!!! Sooo excited for the next chapter >\\<

Thank you soooo much translators.blessed you! ?
That last page... she shot him right? Dayum lol
@hadski chapter 3 bottom says he's around 32
@AbyssalMonkey i say 10 years old gap. She look like 8, or even 12. at least 5 years gap need to make it logic. even they pull the super talent kid thing
@Hadski Judging by the last page, the same age as her plus a year or two.

Also, holy shit that last page. The implication of him crumpled on the ground with her pointing the gun down shaking. She has already shot him once, so him telling her to shoot him is taking on a whole new meaning.
Wait just how old is this guy