Hazure Skill "Kage ga Usui" o Motsu Guild Shokuin ga, Jitsuha Densetsu no Ansatsusha

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Ch. 1.1
@Arythazin Her last wish was probably the same request he gave to the king: To have an ordinary life. The translation isn't the best in some cases.
I still don’t understand why he didn’t kill her. She apparently is a demon and he said he was going to kill her. But then he asks what her last wish is, and suddenly she’s collared and left alive, since he couldn’t find a use for the collar. What?

I mean, ‘the only reason you let me alive was because you couldn’t find a way to use the necklace’, what does that even mean?
This having the same artist as a fluff manga like the Asley magician one is strange.
"WHAT?! you.. want the PRINCESS?!"
No I don't want the princess

Nice seeing these time to time.
Looks like a hentai intro to me. lol
hmm I dont really know why, but sometimes I enjoy these stories where they spare the Maou, or the maous daughter is entrusted to the champion. ~shruggs~
Creating babies is one of my proudest achievements - King Randolf
Ah damn, he just threw that +10 Assassin's Garb away. It had +50 evasion and +20 mdef.
Japanese copyright does sound like a nightmare. Of course, even here it can be quite asinine. Weird Al is usually protected due to the parodic nature of his songs, but he was forced to change the song Beverly Hillbillies to Money for Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies*.
Slash and asterisk necessary because the lawyers said so. Why? Nobody really knows.
The story isn't revolutionary, but it seems like a nice fantasy slice of life for now and the art style is also quite pleasant. Honestly, I expected something far more worse after that introduction xD
Makes sense. Thanks, tilkku.
I believe the latter necklace thing is a mistranslation. The way I would read the raws, she's saying that she was compelled to be a demon king and compares her past state to being collared. As such, she's thanking the MC for removing this figurative collar.

It does get confusing since they're also talking of a physical necklace (same kanji as collar), but in this bubble she does specify "the collar that is called [being] the demon king".

E: Brief googling brings up similar sentence structures like "the collar known as the internet" (advertisement for a book) and "the collar known as my number" (blog post about security issues of Japan's new social security number). As such, this is probably some idiom and my above conjecture should be correct.
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my opinion for Ch.1, is this demon king? cum on, random mob can did better than that.

so typical and no diff from many isekai or fantasy theme shits out there.

however, just chap 1 I m not gonna say much but ch 2 is not that much impress to me.....

Something about that translation is completely wrong.
Look at page 8 when the MC faces the demon king.
You can clearly see that she is not wearing any necklace whatsoever.

So the text should be more along the lines of:
"I know that you only let me live because you had / could use that necklace."

"I am very grateful for putting that necklace on me."

I think the "demon king" was actually bored by her own life as the "demon king" but she could not simply resign from that position.
So now that the MC has put that "necklace" a.k.a. enchanted collar on her that restricts her powers she can finally be free from her "duty" / "destiny" of being the "demon king".
And for that newly acquired freedom she is grateful to the MC.
My bad.
Getting into the mindset of labelling generic fantasy mangas as isekai.
More and more of these meta synopses are coming out for isekais.

...This is not an isekai. Any more than Lord of the Rings is an isekai. This is a fantasy story. No one got transported, teleported or Truck-kun'd in this story. Not isekai.
Also, this necklace bit is... not making much sense:

Oh! Okay, the necklace prevents her power from getting to the point where she can be the Demon King, right? It's like suppressing it in some manner. Sorta like a jammer.

...Or not? "Took the necklace OFF for me" implies it was a cursed necklace and somehow the cause of her being the Demon King and she's better because it was removed.

Which is it?
"American copyright law is awfu-"
[shows them Japanese copyright laws]
"...Maybe it's not so bad."

Japanese copyright law is also made worse because there is no equivalent of Fair Use. The reason why you see all these parody names of brands and companies and random censoring in names isn't for shits and giggles, but to avoid being sued into oblivion.
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