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Vol. 50 Ch. 99 - Escape
I cant remember all, there are a lot of good cases in QED! But I guess two of my favorite case is the one with pretty guy who own a bar and a lot of admires and he return their gifts, and the second one is about the model girl who really likes Kana for saving her from bully in middle school and act like her money stolen to prove Kana's reason of defending her.

Also thanks IS for the scanlation! It was a good ride.
@Peter_5 Yep, you're completely right, I guess I only have a top 4 then lol
@Notsuki_Ame You mean:
1. 17; (chapter 75, vol. 38)
2. Ginger the Salesman; (chapter 85, vol. 43)
3. Observation; (chapter 98, vol. 50)
4. Pilgrimage; (chapter 91, vol. 46)
BUT your
5. - it seems is actually from C.M.B. - Mr. Peter's Legacy (chapter 97, vol. 30).
Back from holidays, finally able to read the last four chapters, thank you Irregular Scans for doing such a great job!

As for the top 5:
1. The story with that young girl that discovered the number zero but no one cared, so she had a small shrine made is my absolute favourite;
2. That case with the best salesman in the world;
3. Sally was really cute and those words sou (/the author) said towards the end really hit me, shooting up in third place;
4. The one with the bad guy who went on an evil pilgrimage, really cool;
5. The one about an old man's garden, about how it was his treasure and he wanted to show it to his family too.

These are the ones which got stuck in my mind the most, but overall I loved all the chapters in this series, Katou Motohiro is a great author imo.
@Gent Congrats and my heartfelt thanks on completion of this series. Am waiting 4 u guys over at Q.E.D. iff. No pressure, tho. Take ur time. ๐Ÿ˜‡
Thx irregular scans.
@Totonaw Yes, QED will continue as QED iff : https://mangadex.org/title/30297/q-e-d-iff-shoumei-shuuryou

We'll begin work on it very soon, so please add it to your follows :)
Thx irregular for these scans, will there any continuation for QED?
It's hard to choose top 5. It's been years and I need to reread some chapters again, so i'll just list the most memorable one for me.

1. Pilgrimage
2. Serial John Doe
3. Infinite Moon
4. Burden of Proof
5. Envoy of Balkia

So many good cases. The one with the lawyer, Magic&Magic, Gingeer the Salesman, Elephant, etc. I like how unique the storytelling in this manga. Even if the case itself don't have complex or surprising trick behind it, the author still make it up with a good story to remember. Side characters actually can be memorable in Detective/Mystery manga, and that's very rare to see.
Thank you Irregular scans

My favorite chapter Venus. The life lesson that taught. Oh God I'll never forget
I don't know if I can mention five, but my favorite is Jacob's Ladder. Not for its intriguing case, but for the philosophy of artificial intelligence and biblical reference. It was like us humans, possibly created by a higher being out there to reach the promised land. It was like Eva had played 'God' for the AIs. As a tech enthusiast, this is the most intriguing topic for me to discuss.
What a journey. I have read one or two chap many years ago. See the end here is kind of a bit sad, but satisfied nevertheless
If you want to read more QED then do what codetaku (V) said and read this (link) https://mangadex.org/title/30297/q-e-d-iff-shoumei-shuuryou irregular scans also said to look forward to it so they aren't done translating this story yay
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Was a very enjoyable run
So many morons here in the comments....

The author didn't want to end the manga here, nor was it cancelled. The magazine itself was cancelled.

This is why, the sequel series, Q.E.D. iff, is just a standard continuation with nothing special to it. If the author decides to end this series, they will make a proper end. But this isn't like Detective Conan with an overarching plot. It's a much more classical type of detective series. Just expect more cases like this, and eventually (the manga is still ongoing) they might have a wrap-up chapter.
The best detective manga for me... U, scanslator, have been really great for many people in this world
@Colomopri i think it's The Silver Eye

17, Another World, Infinite Moon, Arrival of the Famous Detectives, Elephant
I like the discussion of science mixed with weirdness
5. Burden of Proof – Seeing a mock trial in fiction is rare, especially in mystery fiction.
4. Pilgrimage – this one was REALLY good and I didn’t figure it out until the end despite my mind going into overdrive trying to figure out “I won’t see it coming?”
3. Frozen Hammer – This one has stuck with me for years, there’s something -I can’t put my hand on it unless I read it – I love about the air of the case.
2. Magic and Magic – A well thought out case and my favorite “trick” in the series -even though I somehow figured it out ahead of time – that surprised me to NO END. Plus, we got to see Kana in a stage magician outfit. That was happy.
1. Serial John Doe – The first Q.E.D. case I ever “Fell in love” with. Full of math and ignoring some common mystery storytelling elements.
Honorable Mentions: Any of these could be swapped out with 5.
Murder Lecture – It’s interesting to read, but it’s honestly has one of my favorite last panels in the series. Question – It’s a good case plus the suspect is last one you would suspect, but makes sense in hindsight Enari the Busybody – just because it gives me the opportunity to unironically say these words “That’s grandma’s a PLAYA” The Incident in Urban Hills Room #6 –Just for Touma’s disguise.
Man I can't recall and tell you a list of faves cuz I'm a bit retarded at remembering but I have to express my gratitude on the quality you guys have consistently showed with the scanlations. I am looking forward to the sequel and literally anything else you guys would want to do. Thanks for the series.
A bit sad there was really no special ending or anything. I thought the second to last chapter with sally would have been a bit better. I would have liked Sally to been extended a few chapters for a special ending. Someone that was very similar to Souma and had personal connections to him would have been a good way to end it.
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