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It's like genocide but against the elderly
1. Classification (85+ elderly)
2. Symbolization (toxic seniors)
3. Discrimination (for wasting taxpayer money)
4. Dehumanization (loss of human rights/treated like animals)
5. Organization (government sponsored)
6. Polarization (propaganda against elderly)
7. Preparation (Prime minister slowly stripping elderly rights via laws)
8. Persecution (rounded up in concentration camps)
9. Execution (assisted suicide or death by robo elders) <---- This is here
10. Denial
The problem is not the declining birth rate. It's capitalism, doods.
I see that comrade Inio needs some radicalisation fast.
I feel like the real goal here is to have an astronomical inheritance tax. Ultimately it isn't just stealing from the elderly but from their survivors. Funneling massive amounts of wealth into the government. I wonder how long it'd take people to set up irrevocable trusts years before they are put into homes to avoid that very scenario. It is already what people do here when planning for retirement.
Inio never fails to question my humanity