Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja - Sekai Saikyou no Kenja ga Sara ni Tsuyokunaru Tame ni Tensei Shimashita

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Vol. 8 Ch. 24 - The Strongest Sage, Setting Traps
I pity tge pig
HOT DAMN. Melkia guild receptionists must have milkers as a requirement
Poor pig... He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time

Also, tiddies! Finally some decent bodonks to glare at
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Finally, boobs
Yes, MC is not shown to be a capable administrator or a glory hound. Influence and fame just came to him naturally with long life and achievements. Yes, he is bad with common sense and tends to overestimate the abilities of the world at large. Yes, he is dense when it comes to relationships with women (I wonder how many women wanted to date Gaias, but failed to express themselves).
It's okay. Protagonists should have flaws. Protagonists without any flaws are called Mary Sues, and they are deservedly disliked.

As a third son of a noble, Mathias already has as much freedom of travel as he can have. He doesn't need any special title to travel and train.
Also, in his opinion, Mathias already got an over-the-top reward: a right to plunder dungeons as much as he wants. Which includes the right to go into them.

Sure, Mathias could avoid the whole "corrupt noble" plot, but why should he? The world will become a better place when the strongest sage is done there.
This rant below is more on the direction of the manga:

One thing I don't like about cheap power manga is that the mc is a literal dipshet at valuing his worth and actions which can obviously be classified as 'common sense'.

Contributions: mc literally increases their technology by 500 years, saves the kingdom multiple times, creates a method to mine 'national treasures' (the ore for the barrier), and creates a capital wide barrier that never existed.

Problem: He knew the kingdom was in trouble and not advanced. Every time there is a problem, the mc understands the consequences and issues involving it. But, after he fixes things, he does not see how much progress he has brought. He also knows the problem and is thorough on his knowledge, but, once the issue is resolved, he never mentions or reflects on it ever again, or the story forgets it ever happened, leaving with "rumored second academy students."

We have even seen the king ask MC for anything he wants, even becoming king or the kingdom.

Up until now, we have seen no struggles with other political powers, thus, this kingdom is the only governing power and forefront of humanity. If mc doesn't want land and treasures bc he doesn't want to manage one and aren't good enough, he could at least have the king put his power above the king, AND mc doesn't have to govern; it has been shown even though he is hesistant with governing because of his 'objective' of becoming strong. It has been shown that MC still acts in states of emergency or whenever humanity is in danger (ie. demon case from beginning to end),

THUS, he can train as much as he wants, WHICH is the WHOLE PREMISE in the beginning. He could even just request for a specific insignia identifying himself as a power next to the king or announced as an unrestricted S-rank knight of the kingdom for travel purposes, so, this arc with the corrupt noble would not even exist in the first place.

Maybe the author chose a mc that accepts no rewards in order to follow the probable purpose of this manga: for depraved Japanese salary men, who have obviously been shown to be bullied, hopeless, and concentrated in actions with the Japanese 'culture' of being humble and 'quiet' when doing a great deed or being taken advantage of. That last part describing them was more of a complaint, but, with the culture I'm from, it seems incomprehensible people could stay 'quiet'

edit: grammar. Another complaint with the author's approach to sweep things under the rug with mc's actions is that I think most people including myself like this manga bc it is battle manga with magic and meaningful increase in strength. of supporting characters.

Thus, if mc asks for a badge that recognizes him as a power next to the king, the author can just focus on the developments as a battle manga. Just sprinkle in times when the stupid nobles get kicked around bc of their stupidity to satisfy the depraved salary men, and then, the manga can continue as a battle manga. Because in the end, this manga isn't very good at bringing anything interesting or entertaining about the stupid nobles. They keep their power and lack of awareness throughout the story and only lose their hair.

@flannan thanks for the insight
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What's Lusammine doing there?
nice setup for an epic fight
That reminds me of those giant boar in Monster Hunters series, god i hate them so much.
there's a limit to incompetence but this feudal lord has clearly passed it.

but let's keep watching and see how retarded can the lord get
Not by rank or by strength but by dice roll.
Wait this is not D&D. Darn what a stupid feudal lord.
Q : How to became powerful?
A (Iris) : Became a nuke! (Ka-boom)
Big boobs are one thing, but that guild outfit is perfect at framing them.
@flannan :
@Liquidxlax : No one other then Mathias and his party can safely travel through that forest, and spies are about stealth but also about safety since a dead spy does not report his findings.
@Red225 :
@Liquidxlax - I think spies are supposed to be inconspicuous, not come out of a Forest of Certain Death with an explosion behind their backs.
@Sep10trion - not with Mathias. This guy will probably just kill the feudal lord and ask the King for a replacement. He could make a homunculus, but asking the king is more efficient. Or something like that - Mathias' plans tend to be rather straightforward.
@Red225 - at this level of incompetence, might as well kill him anyway. But I don't think one can reach this level of incompetence with ordinary stupidity without anybody pulling his strings.
i was getting some MonHun vibes from that Bulldrome-like monster
I’m super curious on this lord’s personality. Lol.
@sjmcc13 Still spies should be able to cross through the forest I'd think. Should be masters of stealth and speed. Matty could potential create a road through the monster bushes
@endo54 : If i recall right from the web novel
Time to get rid of that shitty lord and say he was working with the demons
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