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Vol. 22 Ch. 205 - Under The Tomb
> Have something to tell.
> I love you bro, full homo.
So it wasn't just me thinking that "Really, they haven't bothered to change?" and let's not forget the most important bit, they ain't wearing nothing under the hospital get ups.
Chapters without someone peeing themselves: 18

This panel made me laugh, I loved that half the crew is still wearing the hospital get up from the last arc. But the party right now is too unbalanced, 4x Healers (Akira, Ken, Katou, & Yuki), 1x DPS (Nishiyama) and 1x Tank (Master)... they need to re-class before the next fight.

And welcome @Clooud you must have seen your fair share of urine and gore. Glad you are enjoying these series, there's not many of us around these parts.
Tanaka has a confession to make?! I wonder how it'll go.
Started binging this a few days ago and has been an awesome read so far.
But man one chapter at a time this pacing is killing me hahaha