Kimetsu no Aima!

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Ch. 12
Lol the Taiko reference
Cadence of Demon Slayer?

In the anime episode 12 that this chapter follows, Tanjiro mentioned it's only because that he's the eldest son of the family that he can be as tough; if he's been the second son, he'd have collapsed from the excruciating pain of the broken bones.

The panel proves that theory by showing that despite Zenitsu being older than Tanjiro, he's cowardly and needed comforting from others, as he's not the oldest in his family.
Eldest Son (15)
Youngest Son (16)
wth is going on here?!

Thanks, I was going to ask someone what rhythm game that was.
The manga is referencing the popular Taiko no Tatsujin (Taiko Drum Master) rhythm games by Namco. And the music playing is the anime OP1 ็ด…่“ฎ่ฏ (Gurenge)