Gentleman Devil

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Ch. 30
Oh! That's why her body had such different proportions, interesting.
heh, like I predicted. They are angels who have hijacked a human country. Sif her family dying mysteriously all at once wasnt a solid clue :p. They died so she could get the throne.

Well it explains why they wanted the holy grail this chapter. It makes sense, they want to revive their god with it.
Well I wonder what route the authors going to take this. Will Arther seriously marry her now ? When she gets revealed ? thats if he doesnt already know.

@Kaarme I know right. Could of been snapped up by some rich loli-con and she be getting... um... probably unwelcome play times. But looking at the cover art, I was expecting she'd come around to it sooner or later of her position with Lucifer. But I guess cause shes so young. she still wants to dream her precious state of being a castle princess. Where she could get whatever she wanted and get pampered.
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She could still be far worse off, though, if she had been bought by some greasy pervert instead. Or some devil who'd use her as the main ingredient for a dinner.