White Angels Have No Rest

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Vol. 1 Ch. 4
i can't be the only one who's been kinda cheering on Dahye this entire time. i'm not sure if it was intended but i really can't see Yeonhwa in a positive light even in this sequel. there's just no way she still isn't messed up in the head
Dahye is absolutely going to ruin this wholesome couple.
That's kinda her whole thing; being a exceptionally attractive, cesspit of a human being.
She's the epitome of that saying "Beautiful on the outside and... just the outside. Because that's all one needs."
We don't know if Yeonhwa has turned around, looks like she still has some problems.
As for the other blond hair girl idc about her at all >_>
Yeonhwa is so sweet๐Ÿ˜