Amanogawa Ke no Yon Shimai

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Ch. 98 - Sumeragi's Father
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"Amanogawa Ke No Yon Shimai final chapter...?"
"No...?" (What's that, a manga?)
Natsuna channeled a bit of Deadpool there, I see. [Fourth wall sits in the corner, weeping.]
19 should be enough for a bunch of things. I'm not sure if it's enough to remove the tension between Natsuna and Yukito, but we will see.
Oh okay, 19 to go is probably enough. I thought it might be ending next chapter.
This has been finished for a little while, so there is only 19 chapters left. That's why its tying up all of its open threads.
Wait, was that last chapter thing a joke, or is the manga really ending? I feel like there’s still a lot of unresolved things for it to be ending now.