Gakkou Gurashi!

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Ch. 73 - The Past
@feha I try to keep consistent so I do tend to reference myself sometimes but it's hard to reference something that's not available (for free).

I just doubted she would have changed shoes. Firstly, she was trapped in the mall but even when she left she was at a stationmaster on the radio calling for help but was injured. She is seen later zombiefied and in uniform. I feel it unlikely she'd just change her shoes only, and unlikely went home.

The other faction is the garrison which is written in the notes that the girl with the radio wrote before she died (in the Volume 6 extras, not an April fools):

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One thing i found strange is the fact that we see some militaries guys launching some nuclear weapon earlier, so why did those guys come to the school for if they know the place gonna be nuke ? Also why did they come here in the first place ? Did they found our for the water or did they follow the girls ? I really hope they are friendly.
Don't worry. Girl is alive. Why? Because she's best.
@MyShai You are right, I forgot to take into account the fact that japanese schools have uniforms. Although I am surprised it even determines the shoes for them. Taking this into account, the "girl with militaristic fashion sense" theory is unlikely if its a student at the school (although still possible, as iirc virus hit after-school, so she might have gone home and put on her regular clothes). On the other hand, as Mii-kuns emotional-liability-zombie (which this should be, considering mii's reaction) was her friend that survived for a while with her, odds are she had already changed from a school outfit to something comfortable with sturdy soles that has some camo (she was even in a mall!). So it is actually not that unlikely its her clothes that look so militaristic, after all.

There are two militaries (1 randall and 1 another)? I never noticed. As far as I can tell, it is all Randall (there was a mention of the anti-randall faction that would save them, but that was shown to be university-girls april fools joke on them by hacking bowman-kun). Randall has been shown to be the ones making stashes with 'vaccines' (april fools, its not actually a vaccine! You just believed you saved her! - plot 2018), the initial heli had one of those syringes so it belongs to randall, bowmans facility was randall, and the ppl who lied that they would save them was randall (which means all teams we have seen around in the city since that call, are also randall).

And my god, those references are long. A bit funny that you reference yourself tho :p
I know girls that wear such shoes, and the shoe didn't look to actually be military

That unfortunately wouldn't make sense.

Firstly, these shoes don't look the kind of shoes a girl would wear, also the female zombies including Kei are all students of this school. We can safety be certain that they are all students of this school as mentioned in a previous chapter they still hold some form of past memories and return to those recent, regular places they vaguely remember. The main point here is that they are all wearing school uniform which the shoes look nothing alike.

Secondly, the trousers above the shoe has a militaristic pattern on them matching those on ch.73 page 3. Randall at this point, don't appear to be part of any military but it's own research organisation investigating Nazake Marsh, the origin of this bacteria/virus, which is off limits to the public but some staff member didn't follow policy and released the bacteria into the public.

It could be that Randall and the soldiers seen on ch.73 page 3 (with the same helicopter as as shown on ch.72 page 2) are two separate groups even if they are using the same bowman software. The helicopter and soldiers in this chapter are the same ones from v.4 ch24 Pg.24 who attempt to visit the school but failed when he got (airborne) infected and crashed the helicopter (if he was going to save or kill them).

We are still missing out on the Garrison (the military base) mentioned in both the manual and broadcast 954khz also the Central Hospital mentioned in the manual. Randall would probably kill anyone to cover-up their errors but now the military are involved.

@Lilliwyt I think the guys who are translating the manga rely on the monthly magazine for the most part so they do not check every 6 months or so when the volume gets released if there were some changes in the way the chapters were compiled.
It'd be nice if we could somehow edit this ourselves though.
@noguza Wait what. Why did it get mess up on Mangadex ?
@Lilliwyt With chapter 73 we are only 4 chapters into the 12th volume, do not trust Mangadex on this, trust the Japanese's volumes.
Volume 11



The last page has a weirdly militaristic boot. And iirc her foreshadowed emotional-liability-zombie was a girl. Sure, I know girls that wear such shoes, and the shoe didnt look to actually be military, so I might be way out there. But it feels like the mangaka is trying to hint at Randall people saving her there. The sound woulb be them killing the zombie just before she got bit.
@Captaininvictus LMAO. C'mon man, cut me some slack. xD
@noguza We already are at 7 chapters with this one, we most likely had 2 chapters left maybe 3 in a best case scenario. I said 2 because even if it's axed i don't see how next chapter can end it.

I still have hope for Miky because Kurumin had it so far even if she get bitten since chapter 19 and don't get infected that fast. Also it will be very strange to kill Miky that easily near the end, i mean yes it's her former friend but come on be serious, kill Miky like that will make no sense. Also we still don't know if it was Miky who get bite neither if she get bite at all. For all we know she could have bite something else.

Yeah i try to be optimistic, i don't think i can't handle any death of the 4 .
The 10th volume was the more bulky one so far with 8 chapters and only the 11th one had 7 chapters so it's likely that the series will end in 3-4 chapters.
@AgentKuga Yeah, at 62 chapters, the scanlation need to catch up. Also beware of spoilers.

(ใŒใถใฃ) ใ‚ฌใƒ–ใƒƒ swallow in one gulp performing an action ||
(ใŒใถใฃ) ใ‚ฌใƒ–ใƒƒ bite something in one chomp

It's not uncommon in stories such as those animated or in graphic novels where a character perceives something near death or life threatening only to find it was part of their own disillusionment (imagination) but that "chomp" still had to be from something. (2)

1.) Miki has been bitten. The solider finds her either dead (or unconscious considering Kurumi, Megune, the Kei's friend (the male , the one in the mall) and other characters had survived for a short time after)

2.) The solider (assuming they are good people) put his own arm in the way to prevent Miki from been bitten but getting bitten himself, Miki at this point opens her eye's seeing she's actually okay. He may yell at Miki afterwards for letting her guide down or maybe more comforting but telling to stay put. He may not shoot Kei: either she can be saved or he drags her off somewhere out of sight away from Miki to deal with Kei's body. [This comes to the fact when we see a soldiers boot, Miki looks like she MAY still be sat in a upright position rather than laying down flat].

3.) ใ‚ฌใƒ–ใƒƒ is referring to a "gulp" than a "chomp"

The way the blood splatters can't be judged completely. Many graphic novels tend to over exaggerate these things. E.g: Like when someone jumps from a the 3rd floor of a building hitting the ground but a blood spatter shows up just outside the 3rd floor window.
oh wait @KZO that's true and I never noticed it
wait Urara ended yesterday?!
Page 15 references Harukana Receive, Yuru Camp and Urara Meirochou, Urara ended yesterday and it's the only one they agreed to do, so the reference might be intentional.
ใ‚ฌใƒ–ใƒƒ onomatopoeia can mean as:
1. taking a bite
2. gulping down a drink
3. swallowing own's saliva

Best scenario:

Worst scenario:
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