Honey Come Chatka!!

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Vol. 2 Ch. 117 - Merry Christmas
At long last.... he's freed from this terrible curse. Truely a blessed band.
I haven't follow Detective Conan for some time now, is Ran Mori still a high schooler and Shinichi still a grade schooler mmm...~?
How thoughtful for bkub to provide an ending for Detective Conan considering that Aoyama doesn’t seem to want to.

That second comic feels weird, though. It feels like if, in The Amanda Show, Penelope Taynt actually met Amanda Bynes.
I'm leaving any necessary culture notes in the comments instead of mucking up the pages themselves:
In the last panel of Side A, Honey Come Chatka revives Shinichi Kudo of [Detective Conan (known as Case Closed! in the US) to his original teenage self after 25 years and counting of being transformed into a child by the Black Organization.

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