Koiiro Devil

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Vol. 5 Ch. 17
@jak, it sure as hell seemed like full on intercourse if you ask me. both naked, he went Down on her, and next we see her sleeping on the bed, while he stands there. and of course it won't last long, given that there is only 1 more Chapter left. 1 other thing, I am pretty sure Shou won't be punished for what he has done. I mean, he was in cahoots With the secretary of Char. he was in on the whole thing, a huge POS. and those rarely get punished for their crimes. I will only read the comments on the next Chapter, not the Chapter itself. because f*ck this Author...

Yeah, Shou is definitely a piece of shit for taking advantage of her memory loss. Though, I don't think they have full on intercourse. The thing is though, you know it won't last long. I'm sure Char will reunite with her in the next chapter.
I don't know what I expected….ffs… fuck this shit, that guy is a fucking asshole, he fucks her, all the while knowing she truly loves someone else and that her memory is all fucked up. he uses her for his own pleasure he is a huge POS... and you know what, I am dropping this one for good… good work on the translation and such though.
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