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Vol. 9 Ch. 42 - Pride and Prejudice
Yeesh, Aki. Get divorced like practically everyone else did! ๐Ÿ™Ž๐Ÿ™Ž๐Ÿ™Ž
I don't care about the side characters.
@theHist There you go, I should go back and re-read a bit.
@Purplelibraryguy I think it's just to explain that "sorry" message that Kei gets in last chapter. I think next chapters will probably center around the rest of the characters that were in that page (saying something like "the night grew long for everyone")
@Kirin-kun I think Kei mentioned to Mame that the kid wasn't his. So maybe they always used protection or something. Besides, Hashimoto san (I think that was his name) said confidently "it's our child".
From what I get from that, Kei always used protection, other guy didn't. So it's almost guaranteed that it's Hashimoto san's kid
What @Kirin-kun said.
Plus I can't tell whether my inability to connect this to the main story is because it's been a while since I read most of it or just because any connection wasn't made clear.
Plus on top of that I have this nagging feeling that this chapter only even exists because the main plot is threatening to wrap itself up so she's sticking something else in.
It was confusingly written.

So, the father is Kei?

She married the other guy anyway but she's still seeing Kei while leaving her daughter to her mom?

Why the hell wouldn't she get together with Kei? They aren't related anymore since their parents divorced. Especially if he's the father of her daughter.

I understand the husband, but what right does he have to keep them apart? She doesn't love him at all, she just used him.

It's a real clusterfuck.
Wtf I'm confused
I haven’t read this manga and literally just read this one

OOF poor husband I guess
Poor everyone tbh