Danberu Nan Kiro Moteru?

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Vol. 7 Ch. 62 - Super Slow
Tengan Macho Gurren Legym
I can write up to "L"
That's half the English language, right there.
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page 4 : note that the russian girl only says the word ั…ะพั€ะพัˆะพ ั…ะพั€ะพัˆะพ ั…ะพั€ะพัˆะพ : https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%D1%85%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%BE%D1%88%D0%BE .

page 5 :
she is wearing bruce lee 's costume from game of death .
and the kanji ็”Ÿๅ‘ฝไฝ“ = "life-form"/"creature" , not "man" .

and the hair-bun girl keeps making sumo wrestling jokes because she wants to imply that the main girl is fat , lol .

and when im having $ex, i like to thrust "super slow" too .
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That monster Akemi fantasized... it's gotta appear on Kengan Omega, right?
@GoblinGuy Adam dudley approves
What? I thought you only need to know 4 letters to go to America?
F, U, C, and K.
Also exclamation points!
You don't need to understand English to answer multiple choice questions.
Hibiki should become a boxer, tbh.
Get Harnnold to put her up, maybe have Adam swing by. Yeah. America, do it Hibiki.