Child of Light

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Ch. 2 - This Person is XiYu Xiu
MC: Chooses peaceful, quiet magic

Teacher: Sees Child Light Magic user, Murder Boner INTENSIFIES

Light Magic: It'S tHE EYe oF ThE TIGer, iT's ThE tHriLl Of thE fIGhT
Because cultivator can preserve his/her youth even their age is over hundred years. But eventually they will aged and die too if not ascend to higher realm
P.S. this is a novel written when the author is just starting to write, so don't expect the good shit like Douluo Dalu(minus the fact that DD had a shitty manhua adaptation that I'm pissed even today).
What is the deal of manhua writers turning old men/women into hot sexy bishounens/bishoujos?
Thanks for translating.

@givemersspls if that is the case here then im really disappointed...we will see tho thanks for the info
@Guy_V The novel apparently is fully translated, if that may be of interest to you.

I've been interested in getting into it, but a lot of comments (this isn't spoilers, by the way) say the MC is really lazy and things get handed to him very easily. I'm hoping the manhua tones down those aspects because that does not sound appealing to me.
oof only 5