Saotome Senshu, Hitakakusu

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Vol. 10 Ch. 109 - Saotome Senshu, Stay Away
no wonder the birthrate is low
Ikemen meeting
I hate the principal and the mayor so much.
Uhhh, just announce to everyone that they're dating, end of problem???? This all feels kinda poorly forced at this point.
And here I thought we'd never see the principal and the mayor ever again; the most unejoyable element in the entire story, that was quick to fuck off within 5 or so chapters.
"They'd have the guy expelled!" -- The whole idea that they take ownership over that girl, and fuck with the guy as an extension to such a degree, is just blood-boiling. Nothing about what occurred in the story made me feel like: "oh, yeah, that makes sense. She's their slave, she agreed to this."

Yeah, she wants to go to the olympics. But it feels like the author is pushing it too far just for the sake of horrible drama.
This is a good example of why I let this manga pile on chapters. Not only is every chapter rather short, this sort of crap can happen. At least now I can just skip it without feeling bad.
Both of the people below me, just pm each other. Anyways, COP WOMAN IS BACK! Favorite character other than Tome
Yaaaaay, a Saturday night argument..........great.
Well, going for parts here i guess. That's what i gain for writing my opinion. First the issue with History and Physical Education changed to Civic Education and Philosophy and now this.


Wow, you're so wrong on so many points.

I could say back at you. But thats rude really. And i hate it when other use that escuse to simply brush the explanation away.

What's the point of commenting if you didn't read the previous comments?

Because i was answering the comment where you respond mine. And i'm kinda lazy.

You can't just pick a few examples and then act like that's the case for all situations. want more examples? because there are a lot really. Yeah, you can't establish a law of human conduct because exceptions exist. But exceptions are exceptions. You can't ignore patterns.

Even here, you say there will be a scar. Guess what that scar is in this case? It's World War II! is true that US people are obses with WW2.
No. The japanese scar is the US ocupation. If it was WW2 in general, they wouldn't be so racist or put the chineses as antagonic. Even with koreans. And thats if you consider the teachings of WW2 was about human rights or human annihilation. Because the western powers didn't learn the lesson, do they?

Who the hell says that it has to be a "really long and hard process" besides you?

Archeology, antropology, history, etc. Tiwanaku's development is quite fascinating.
Cultures can change a lot during the centuries. But depends of technology, climate and other influences. Take Japan. During the 200 years Edo period, they didn't change much until the US came nooking. And when change accelerated, the samurais resisted change (so, you could say that industrialization did bring violence to Japan....just saying). And thats the issue with accelerated change. Some group resist it. The ideal is that changed is a long process. Long because is hard to change people and culture. When society change to much to fast, population use culture to resist change. Took South America all 300 years of colonial rule to integrate spanish and native traditions into the new latin republics (it's called sincretism). Is true that technology accelerate things. Maybe with the growing of the GenZ kids and beyond, people will be more open to change and the resistantce to it will reduce. But 70 or so years still isn't much. Some nations resent wars from 150 years ago, that keep repercusions in the population.
Take the US.....there still some issues with how the afro-american are treated in some states. And is an old 200 or so years issue.

So? What's your point here?

No point explaining it if you did not undertand it. But i hate when other people say that. So i will try. The point is that it is hypocrit for Westerners (especially the US and Britain) to criticize a situation were their involvement lead them to that situation in the first place.

My point was that based upon the value system of the current Japanese society, people should be allowed to live as they wish so long as they don't hurt others.

Yeah. That would be the case if it was true. But no. Thats the Western value system (and not all westerners respect it anyway...). The current japanese value system is a mix betwen US imposition of their values and the japanese values, more ancient and kin to them. And i'm scrapin the pot with that explanation. So, your logic is flawed. Because you're using western logic in an eastern situation after all.

And a bonus...
Yeah, no shit they were forced to accept classical liberalism's idea of not committing rampant and overt genocide. That's better than overt genocide, which is what they did before.

Wow. You're missing a lot here. The point is to understand why the japonese did what they did. Their cultural values, the same ones that they still use. Not to aprove necesarily.
This part sound like "boo evil japaneses, bunch of killers. Take some MURICA freedom and be good now". And now you're asking why the japanese aren't acting good like they should. Thats etnocentrism. I though you understood the concept.

The genocide part is still true (the chinesse and koreans deserve more than just an apologie).

Well.....that i guess.
@givemersspls First, i write that more as a general criticism of most judgment that is written about romcom manga. Not about this comment section and this manga on specific.
So yeah, i didn't read previous comments. Even when i'm writing this i didn't read anything. I just asume that it would be full of most of the same trash comments. And aparrently, i was half right.

After saying that...

You're doing wrong if that's your motivation.

Liberals? Thats your point? Really? You don't get it at all. They were forced to be liberal (the american way to be liberals, by the way). They where forced to change by the US disposition.
Any short term change of political sistem or cultural imposition, without transition or natural cultural change, will left a scar. A good example is the Republic of Perú. As a colonial viceroyalty and with they Inca past, Perú was more kin to autoritarism. Even to tthe point that José de San Martín suggested that Perú should be a constitucional monarchie. But, Simón Bolívar show up and kinda forced a republic. The result where that for most of Peru's history as a Republic, his population struggled with the idea, bringing inestability. How couldn't them? Being for most of their history the centre of spanish rule in south america and the centre of power of the Incas. Sounds familiar? If the peruvians, as a spanish colony, had issues being a republic, imagine the japanese, being a former colonial empire.
Fck, even the british have the same issue, because of their imperial past. The brexit is a big "Let's be an empire again" (the result is more like "Let's die more faster")
You said so yourself. They where a violence driven society, with strict cast sistem and gender restriction. Even today, they still have a portion of their past in their society. No Enola Gay or US ocupation could change that. Only time and the williness of the population and society. Is a process. A really long and hard process. The "how it should work because of current japanese society" is bllshit. The current japanese society is the result of western imposition for the most part. And it dosent matter. Because the "how ir should work" isn't how it's work and thats it.
Thats why there are still issues like the one represented in the manga. Thats their normal. And their normal, only. Is not up to us, westerners, to critic and change. Is pure arrogance.
Is up to THEM to critic and change. Is THEIR society and THEIR social problems. Thats the reason why the autor put it in the manga. Because is a social criticism.
What? You though it was only a representation? It would be shrouded as the norm and the protagonists would be separated as tragic lovers if thats was the case. They're fighting the social stablishment, resisting. Is a social criticism about restrictions in the educacional sistem, etc.
I mean, we all can identify the obvious insentivation of population grow on manga, but not the social criticism?
The conclusion is the same. There is no justification for any westerners to criticism easterns problematics or any other culture problems.
At least from an antropological point of view. Because it advocated for passive and neutral studies of "others".
Even if it is an eastern contradiction. If you want contradictions, go look into the chinesse. Is a fckng mess...

PD: yeah, is the same situation with western feminism and the Sharía Law. And yeah, of course it would sound as hipocresy. Because we're sawing it from our culture's perspective. But it was hipocresy and arrogance to meddle in others culture in the first place
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@ElBichoRaro Lol! Well if it was Africa where I come from I would say definitely no to more babies but japan may feel differently. Japan may have liberalized(classic liberal) its laws but sadly it’s culture is very much conservative so yea women are definitely still getting the short end of the stick in their society compared to men, and I guess many places in the West too.
@firefox1234 As if that were a bad thing! But honestly speaking, sexism and women-blaming in Japan is really bad. Just look at all the examples the men here posted.
Now all the people hating on Muscle Cop can shut the fuck up
They were literally talking about finding her a new place to train towards the chapter's end.
Read man!
Fucking Bishe women.
"Promise between men, okay?"

Thank god finally a sensible adult.
@ElBichoRaro yea its gotten so bad women don't wanna have babies no more lol
Lol half the girls in here looks more manly than 100% of the guys
Muh dick! All that reverse crossdressing, mmm!
You gotta love sexism in Japan. Women always get the short end of the semen-covered stick.
My poor, confused penis.
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