Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet

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Vol. 14 Ch. 103 - Hasuki and the West Principality
@CarVac Although if you don't i suppose you should probably fix the page order
@CarVac updated.
You deleting or not is no skin off my nose, the happenstance here is pretty funny and the reddit thread would have (albeit fixable) trouble.

Oh, and I couldn't update the title since Confused has last chapter's stuff and there's references to hold together.

Yeah, pretty funny.

Yours has some translation issues though, like place names (Burano) and the server presenting the dishes.

If you fix them (just see mine for reference) I'll delete this.
This is actually really impressive timing
I could've posted ours last night but decided to wait on qc
As soon as i hit upload and went back to the series page yours was there

Although @CarVac you did kind of mess up the page order so yeah

Really funny though all the same
waiiit, that's mom