Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

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Ch. 103 - That Grip Trainer Thing
"I'm training my grip so I could get a hold of your heart"
You all were saying it's gonna take another 300 chapters for a kiss last rime, but look at them shamelessly hand-holding in one chapter

This manga is obscene
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@Dexthedexter I’ll admit that all of your points are valid, but you just said “I would never know because I don’t read Roof” yet I see you shittalking him on the comments of his posts.
@ReaperCreeper True.... s-so cute!
lmao chill
Shit, can I get a translation war or two for my reads that are behind? Lol.
for those people arguing over translation

I mean, Roof Korean is -> Jap -> Kor -> Eng,
when TSP is -> Jap -> Eng.
so you know which one is more accurate (Not saying better)
and hei, Its OK to like not that good stuff.
I would never know because I don't read Roof.
also sniping is rude. kn1000a and Tarage on the right here.
but most reader don't care anyway~

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@nehnehneji Yeah, but on page 15 you can really tell she's holding herself back. It's subtle yet obvious at the same time.
oo, anime season 2 coming in July

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Boy is stepping up โฌ†
@strixplayer Thanks for defending me. But, you know it's worthless to argue with these kinda people. That's why I was deliberately ignoring his comments. They never hear what you're saying. At these times you should rely on report function and let the mods decide what to do.
can't wait to see nishikata crush an apple in moto takagi-san
I imagining them doing this while on sex.
I like this translation better
No TSP were not contacted directly at any point, the reddit link just shows TSP reaching out and apologising for taking longer then usual (2.5 weeks - not much at all in the grand scheme of things) to release the last chapter due to IRL things.

As for the actual chapter, I have to say I am impressed that Takagi managed to keep her cool when Nishi grabbed her hand xD
Thanks for the chapter
It is. Roof Korean did not contact TSP for the chapter, which does make it a dick move see edit. You don’t own shit while scanlating, but you’re still fucking up people’s time and effort they already don’t have out of their life. What else, you probably fucked up the community too. Imagine if TSP decided to get over this and just ditch it, because “this sniper is already doing my job why bother”. Then Roof decided to also ditch this because he originally sniped it to fasten the release pace, not long-time commitment. Say goodbye to your manga (which you probably don’t even care about that much anyway).

If something already have translation, steady translation at that, why bother “sniping”? The only legit reason for sniping in my mind is to provide a better version than the main scanlator’s. The issue Tarage describes hurt A LOT of other fan communities, to the point they’re rotten in hell with no more quality fan-translation, editing, etc. because everyone just machine-translated it and call it a day. Obnoxious shit.

Then again, if you do care about the state of things maybe you would’ve given it a second thought.

EDIT: just saw that reddit link. Good thing he at least went and talk it out with TSP so it doesn’t look like the typical snipe-and-ditch troll effort. Thanks for the link.

Second note, notice how asking literally takes no effort and potentially let you have the series to scanlate. Snipers take note.

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Both scanlators already discussed about this topic already. Check the link above if you so desire.
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