The Wolf Lord's Lady

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Vol. 1 Ch. 1
i think the easiest way to get on the heroines side with this one is how the guy gives up on proving that he does want his victim to live on.
I am 10 month late but OH BOY, i firmly believe you misunderstood what i was talking about.,
The resenmet and undying rage supposed to happen after she gets a second chance. She literally has no reason to feel burdened with what his family has done since in the very end she had nothing to do with all of this. This novel "obviously" is based on medievel times where it was very normal for noble's to not give a second thought about commoners. So its not a suprise she actually didn't care aobut outside world at all. Well a useless pride and worthless diginity was all they had really.
This should've turned into a revenge one, not one of those pitiful and meaningless ones, a Beatiful Crime is what i was expecting.
In the end author is a softie and he is writing a shoujo manga. What a major disappointment this manga is, really.

Still, one of the best first few page's i've read really. It geniuenly makes you feel something with mere four of five pages.
I can still rant more about how much of a bullshit it is for her to get a job IN HER FORMER HOME but yeah.
Hope you got the point
oh this isn’t gonna be easy.
Wow, this was intense.
If I would’ve been in her shoes I wouldn’t want to do anything with him. He clearly betrayed her trust and broke her.
I legit cry every single time I read this. God, I feel her.
Damn, that's rough. From my perspective, she chose to die because he didn't love her as much as she loved him. He cared enough for her for her to live, but he didn't want to be with her, either because of how it would look or he never loved her that way. She got played. Can't really say anyone's in the wrong yet.
@Raydnt my hot take - for what it's worth - as I finish chapter 1 of this is that:

- She loved him more than her family, she was even preparing to run away with him if need be - and she built her life around him
- Her little diatribe in the cell was a girl who was heartbroken over losing him specifically. She clearly understood her family going down but that wasn't what broke her
- Opening up the cell and giving her a hug would've changed her attitude.
@Raydnt Because you're defending his sorry ass and OF COURSE SHE WOULD CHOOSE TO DIE- He betrayed her- she thought of him as someone she could confide in, HELL she more than likely loved him more than she did her parents.
He chose too late of a time to make his trash offer... She'd be too disgusted, bitter and hopeless to believe him after he's lied so much- Plus after giving up it's easier to accept that noone wants your existence hence her death- Saving her includes not letting her her caught in the first place.

Obv we have different perspectives but do you understand what I'm saying? It's not her 'fault' that she 'chose' (she didn't even have a choice if we look at her emotional state at that time) to die.
He does know shes innocent.
He can save her if he wanted to, but SHE CHOSE her fate to die.
She REFUSED his help because she took it upon herself to die as "evil"
Again, hes respecting her wishes.
Why would you reply to me when my initial comment disproves what you said, you basically just made me repeat myself
@Raydnt He is bad. Disgusting imo... How dare he play with her feelings- If he knew how innocent she was he could've let her escape all kinds of BS could've been done.
He didn't stop the guards from manhandling her either??

His excuses are trash too.

His reason for the usurp wasn't bad but his actions in relation to her (if he wants to salvage the relationship??) Ain't great
The novel goes more in depth about the underlying emotions to all the events happening. Not sure if the manga is gonna succeed in bringing out their reasons fully in a way that would show why they chose the path they went on.
Not reading any other comments, just based on my dark twisted heart:

She takes the job, and ruins the guy who killed her family, and beggars the whole province. Because feth revolutionaries and the filthy peasants who follow their lead. Because what ever did they do for her in her second life.

But since this is shoujo, it won't be that interesting. ?
Why do people think the guy is bad?
He truly did have feelings for her, he wanted her to live.
But she chose her path to die as the "source of evil", he reluctantly respected her wishes because he knew there was nothing he could have done to change her mind.
She said she was guilty but she wasnt.
Not really.
Its not her fault for not knowing, while she knew her family bought things she didnt know that it was the cause of misfortune.
She never questioned it.
She was never allowed to go outside, so she was never aware of the situation.
I kinda hate the MC not gonna lie. Come on, stop pitying yourself. You admitted that you are guilty, then you shift the blame on something else. Youtube apologies queen?
That's some strong pathos to start with. I'm in.
Me seeing the last page:
"eeyy you died"
@XieShu Some people's anger boils like fire, other's fester like untreated wounds.

She is definitely angry, but the type of anger that just drains you of your energy. Not to mention that she lost her entire family to the person she loved (and that said person had lied about pretty much his entire life). She is DONE with everyone's bullshit.

Also, in a sense, her actions were a giant middle finger to the guy. "Oh, you want me to live the rest of my life in a monastery, how kind of you! (not really)" Nevermind the fact that the people of the fief wouldn't be satisfied with that. They were out for blood. She would have definitely been assassinated at some point by some crazy guy with a revenge boner. Putting herself as the villain and getting executed would cement the guy as a hero in the eyes of the people, and provide her with a quick end. Except he wouldn't be a hero: he would be just another revolutionary.

Sometimes, kindness can be the best revenge. And she didn't have much to live for, anyway.
So unrealistic in many ways, I can't believe this, She has been deceived in every way possible but she doesn't resent him?
The person she fall in love was just A BIG SCHEME AND LIAR but she is ok with all of this??????? to think that even his hair color was fake....
where is the resenment
the unending flame of rage
where is the overwhelming desire to get revenge
what is this stupid romance story
so far so bad
2nd chapter should have been here already but my screen broke down, ill try get chapter 2 out by monday +/-
Please update more
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