Aho Girl

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Vol. 12 Ch. 130
Another BS non-ending from the author. He did the same with Mangaka-San to Assistant and now here.
I wasn't expecting a master piece either way
To be honest, what else did I expect?
@RandomFanguy Thanks

It's called Tenshi Girl and its actually on here.
@RandomFanguy Do you have a link for that doujin? I can't find it
Sayaka should be the best girl by the process of elimination, but this was a fun read. I was disappointed how it ended, it seemed either author had no clue how to end it or simply the series was axed and he couldn't end it the way he wanted so he had to cut out a lot of things. I rated it 9 on the good parts but the end really is a 3-4 if I was generous.
So we get a classic non-ending, which I was expecting after the previous few chapters. Would have liked to see what ends up of all the characters, but oh well, wasn't really the focus of this series.
When I see the End tag I just couldn't remember if I dropped this series or if it was one of these cases of reaching the scanlation getting something else to read and just plainly forgot everything... Surprisingly it's a pretty easy manga to run through... and as things go Hiroyuki-sensei is a very good mangaka... It's regrettable that he's main objective in life seems to hone the perfectly annoying character... With Aho Girl he got one step closer with Hanabatake Yoshiko... Although I find her mother Yoshie(1) even more despicable... Cheers for mr. Hanabatake(2) () cause he somehow has a happy married life...

Reviewing the experience in it's simplest form would be by listing the top 10 regrets this manga left me with...

10 - They never bothered asking for Fuuki Iinchou a name... Although since she never bothered "correcting" anyone, it's plausible that her name is really Barkeep...
09 - During the field trip arc, they never referenced that joke about having a limited budget for snacks, just for the damn Yoshiko to ask is there was an exception for Bananas cause they don't count as a snack... It's not a complete waste cause there's a blink and miss reference in the chapter where she goes to the dagashiya with the Nozomi group...
08 - A great crossover with Banana no Nana was missed... Although it's Banana no Nana fault for ending so early...
07 - Hiroyuki really hated Ruri for no reason... That part about why her parents don't show at parents day is a little confusing...
06 - The fact that they never addressed properly. The idea that all of them could at some point leave Yoshiko's side but are just there for her...
05 - For how complete the last chapter seemed to be they forgot that Inui (3) girl right? The girl left without ever being able to guess what Yoshiko's favorite snack was...
04 - From the delinquent girls Hiiragi Kii seemed the perfect counter(3.1) for Yoshiko. Immune to both Akutsu and with zero chemistry with protagonist(4) her "attraction" for Akane even secured the two a day in the limelight date! Thinking about it maybe it's just fine to know that there's people that are spared from the manga antics... If the comedy direction would be Yoshiko trying harder and harder to break her deadpan... Theren't anything new to see...
03 - In the end the achievement for best handling the beast without the banana cheating goes to Oshieda-sensei that towards the very end sealed Yoshio with her birthday cake "thirst"... When you think how wrong it is in a meta level... Even for a protagonist that was ok with all forms of domestic violence...
02 - Can't really get all the references in that chapter when She and Inu fight the bear... Seems to obvious to say Dragon Ball... So obvius that the chance
01 - Ok, I can't think of ten regrets. Even if it seems I'm missing a very obvious one (5). Got some That's it moments... Some that's shit moments... but no crowning moment as such... Learned to respect Akuru for his commitment to study but that's it...

The best rating for this series is a obvious it's so bad that it's ok (6)... The scanlators deserves several honors for having persevered until the end...

Até mais ver
mr. Poneis

(1) For being stupid as her daughter the difference is that she has a malicious intent, while Yoshiko is the pure embodiment of stupidity (1.1)... My main peeve with her is that for all sex she says to have... Yoshiko never got a little brother/sister levelheaded enough to save the family? Maybe God Itself couldn't condemn a child with such role...

(1.1) I dare to say that Yoshiko is the bare textbook example of a shounen protagonist in a manga without anything to fight or suffer for. It's all there, the energy, the charisma, the unbreakable body... Between her and let's say Naruto is that she never experienced his traumatic childhood...

(2) My hypothesis is that he married into his wife family and it gets worse if you think why the guy demeanor is so demure... Because he once was a harem protagonist before seeing Yoshie murdering everyone else, reverse-r*** into submission and mothering Yoshiko... God I think my brain melted... shouldn't read so much so fast...

(3) Her name was Rinko? I will check later... edit: yep it is...
(3.1) I too had forgot about Inui... In truth I remembered Inui cause Hiiragi's deadpan face is just the same...

(4) The only times Yoshiko direct some sort of attention to her she swiftly changed it to tease Akane... When the main source of humor is "If you react to Yoshiko it's game over"... This was masterfully done...
(4.1) She's really the only character that could derive some humor without relying on Yoshiko... And she reminds me of the student council president from Tsurezure Children with his gag about testing if he was gay or not...

(5) I don't think I should list the Akutsu x Sayaka ship never sailing properly cause: a - Without murdering Yoshiko it seems impossible and b - Sumino-san deserves better c - The spin-off!

(6) The spin off just confirmed that the daemon ex machinas that restrain all characters around Yoshiko are on purpose...
@kalton 155 chapters with all sidechapters and 10 School trip 0.1 chapters.
I'll reread manga when all official scans will be out.
Kinda abrupt ending but the translation was horribad
Bad. Just bad.
As 4-koma it was better. But not much.
But it still bad.
Abrupt ending aside, this really couldn't have ended any different.
The yuri girl didn't want the banana, how subtle.
Shame it ended, enjoy a little slapstick every once in a while.
That is pretty much what was needed to end this - I'm sad, but it's what needed to happen!
That banana rain is brutal
need more yuri gyarus
This series was bananas but overall it was good. Ending is abrupt but I don't think this could have ended any other way.
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