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Vol. 21 Ch. 120 - Legitimate
I don't have any direct issues with the pacing but pulling a Darth Vader?
Not sure how I feel about that. I didn't see it coming, but I also didn't think it would be real.
It would have been an amazing bluff, and yet. Ryu won't kill him, he has a waifu waiting for him.
Anyone who has read this far should know that. The only thing the Super Intendant could accomplish now is to trigger Ikou so hard that he kills him.
But for what reason? I don't understand.
I just don't know where this will go.
he just dropped an I am your father on him
Truck-kun is to blame to all of this
Really it was clear for a while that they wont kill him, so what's with the unnecessary stalling, just call it a day and end it, they wont go with revenge.

Who the fuck cares if he fucked her into pregnancy, he has never been a parent to him and on the contrary fucking killed his mom, so what does this even accomplishes? why are they even fucking listening? all they have to do was shoot him 4 chapters ago if not more.
wow this manga really takin a dive to the shit dumpster