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Vol. 1 Ch. 1 - Dream
he looks like if viktor from despicable me quit being a villain and became a sex offender lol jk
this is football battle royale i guess?
or at least, that's what the guy wants to happen, i'm sure expectations will be subverted in some way more "shonen-ish"
or maybe not and this just goes full edge
either way, i love the art style, and will stick around for more
this isn't a sports manga this is an edgy wish fulfillment pretending to be one
Also Pele: I am constantly being asked about individuals. The only way to win is as a team. Football is not about one or two or three star players.
Half of the things he's quoted as saying directly contradict the other half.
????Never knew the football fandom is this shit... damn that sux man... kinda quirky doe...

Can't we just get a shounen-like manga where characters are actually complex and actually doesn't have "greatness" as a goal? Like come on. It gets predictable sometimes.

Things I am predicting to happen:

    The guys that obviously have the "delinquent/gonna fuck you up/hehe boobies clown" look will be the angry ones that seem shallow at first but most of them will get kicked out in first round because of their ego (ironic ik), but then some will become part of main cast and will have one arc to say "but actually, I'm quirky and complex" or "eh why not lol im relaxxeeeed" just to set themselves out to distinguish them from a generic shounen anime

    Blonde dude either becomes lifelong friends/enemies with protagonists or gets butthurt from their egos being shattered from the very first round, only for both options to result in them in going through a "complex backstory" about how they love football sooooo much that they wanna fuck it grovel in ecstacy.

    Tall dude will be disciplined and be like "oh I'm gentle and I piss and shit" and somehow be friendly and/or be friends with everyone and they will go through one arc where they will be like "backstory: so basically, I'm complex, and I dont wanna see people getting toxic and turn everything to a shitshow even if the plot intends it to be"

    Creepy dude with t h i c c smile is probably tall or short, but will do underhanded shit, or is some religious wisdom guru or whatnot. Has the james from pokemon hair additionally

    obligatory generic typical teen bald head, "ooh lookie lookie its hinata taro from the team"


    There are the (shorter) not-standing-out dudes who will accompany the tall dudes as lifelong friends (or not), or be complete egoist shitheads, or in the end be the hyper shits they are

    Their complex backstories will always involve them becoming egoists as a twist (with dem ahoge faces) after all that flashback and self-reflection as a twist because the obvious outcome would be them learning teamwork and solidarity but this manga has to be quirky

    There's the nerd, quiet, video game dude, probably either short or tall, can analyse shit, is a complete egoist but is a shell of an introvert, loses motivation then has an arc where he goes "hahaha fotball is worth my time after all and yes I love ego but in this better way and I piss and shit". Might have long hair.

    Average looking dudes are either neutral or sinister and end up like the blonde

    One of the dudes will have a horde of girls that stan them hard

    And then there's the protagonist

And I am somehow still enjoying it all... kinda cursed doe. ?
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IDK about you but Jinpachi Ego is a fuckin' awesome name
@CarVac Agreed!
Seems like the Midousuji guy from Yuwamushi Pedal grew up and planned to start a football factory in battle royale style :D lol they are so similar
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I'm really digging the artstyle.
did no one notice the word play on the name of the woman? Anri Teieri => Teieri anri => Thierry Henry
It might be far fetched but it felt pretty intended to me.
This coach reminds me of Midousuji from Yowapeda.
"Winners always want the ball"
football,a sport a know nothing about but I'm still gonna read this manga to the end
...Tite Kubo is that you?
Another dumb concept. As someone who actually loves football, this sucks ?
Tho it may not be fair to compare 2 mangas with different approaches, I will still go out on a limb and declare that Ao Ashi has far higher potential...
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Finally a football manga i can follow.
I want to see the tits of that bitch
Oh my god!! Thank you for my life. Thank you for translating it!! (I have been waiting for a translation for so long omfg). Shit. This just made my day haha!
great scanlation, thanks for the chapter!
Football Battle Royale..................what more can one ask for.
A really good read, hope to get more chapters
Wow this is super high quality scanlation. That note page at the end is some of the nicest I’ve ever seen, looks almost straight out of the manga itself. Thank you for the chapter ?
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