Level 1 Dakedo Unique Skill de Saikyou desu

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Vol. 2 Ch. 6 - Dance with Zombies to Raise Status!?
I wonder if the Mc knew that chop to the midsection would have chopped a lesser man cleanly in half! ?
so Emily has totally become a housewife?
@Tray my mind translator: she destroyed men with small "D's"
......did they just say Bunny Girl has murdered people over bad carrots......

Animal fact: rabbits keep eating even while mating.
Is the rabbit girl a reference to The Monty Python and the Holy Grail?
@HDMI1 Dunno about that, but I mean what I commented - she is somewhat kind of a lunatic.
Shes best girl by far.

How monstrously tough.

At the rate this is going, he's gonna be superman before this manga is over.
@VanJosh Touhou reference?
@crazybars , I think if there is numerical value, One level up will increase exponentially
Ex : HP (x Rank, Every Rank up, The value increase per digit)
F Rank = 10
E Rank = 100
D Rank = 1,000
C Rank = 10,000
B Rank = 100,000
A Rank = 1,000,000
S Rank = 10,000,000
- Assumse Slime Attack 5 HP, He'll die 2 times at F rank, But when S Rank The slime need 2 million times hit
- Assumse Physco Rabbit Attack is 1,000... Yep, D rank can one-hit die, C Rank may Bleed. But Our MC is S rank, His HP got hit once (9,999,000 [99,99%])
Emily = Angelic Creature, Fluff, Waifuable, But Jail is Awaiting You
Elsa (Receptionist) = Cute, Huge Bazongaas, Waifuable, But Totally Airheaded
Pyscho Rabbit = THOT, ARROGANT, PYSCHO, DESPICABLE, LIKE TO DENOUNCE PEOPLE, Sadly she gonna join harem
Killing bites? Probably so. ? Btw. I was too bored to read KB. Is it any good to continue?

Yeah this bunny character is shitty, but at least the rage comments are good! ?

genius ?
@Wolvenworks but now he can also fight/push back, while when taking damage not even flinch or whatsoever.
god, if that rabbit wouldn't be so hot I'd really rage a lil bit!
b3---> loli +1
floor: b1 -> hp+
b2 -> str+
b3 -> ?+
That Rabbit girl is just one huge lunatic.
@crazybars i don't think his S-class HP increases his defense so if anything he's just a HP sponge. to kill a HP sponge, you need to kill him harder until he die to death.
Dude, he's already gonna be unstoppable with just these 2 drops by chap 7+.

Who the hell can hurt someone with S hp and stats?
She think he is interesting because he can stop the excalibur chop with one hand so he is allready hella strong
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