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Vol. 6 Ch. 30 - Ridicule
@Glimmung Well, you have a point.
@Purplelibraryguy It is keeping with her personality throughout the manga though. She has always been very fragile with regards to others opinions.
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She's surprisingly wimpy. No, I know, we're supposed to take bullying seriously and all, but I've been bullied for real by people who beat me up, I've been ostracized and mocked unrelentingly. And I never cowered like that. This? Some anonymous dorks who got two likes or whatever and wouldn't have the cojones to say boo to your face. Big fat whoop, grab a spine girl.
What was she expecting, that there's nobody around who would think ballroom dancing is dorky? Hell, making neanderthals flip their lids being threatened by the unmanliness of it all is one of the payoffs of doing cultural stuff.