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Vol. 6 Ch. 31 - Rearguard
Yesss, now he'll show that prissy prince how to win a fight.
I don't think there can be negotiation. The Genovese captain declared he was fighting to restore the honour and prestige of the Genovese mercenaries and one of the French lords noted that the bulk of Genovese revenue is now coming from mercenaries since their colonies in Asia Minor are getting invaded by kebab which makes it all the more pressing for the Genovese captain to ensure that the King of France does not cancel his contract and the best way to restore Genovese honour is to leave behind a mountain of English corpses.

And because we know of the battle of Crecy, we know that the Genovese did not incur significant casualties and were able to present six thousand men at the battle. Also Hawkwood is unlikely to have used much longbows as the Genovese were unprepared for the English longbows at Crecy and had neglected to march with their shields instead of leaving them with the French baggage train.
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Depending on how this plays out and what type of troops Edward gives him, it could either turn into a stalemate while he sends a few troops to retrieve the corpses or into a battle, where he'll have to eliminate the genovese as a factor from intervening in the retrieval.

If he gets enough longbowmen, he could probably kill or suppress the crossbowmen for some time, which might just do it.

On the other hand ,both of the parties being mercenaries, might also mean he'll be able to convince the genovese to just let him retrieve the knights, to spare both sides from further losses.