Battle In 5 Seconds After Meeting

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Vol. 4 Ch. 35 - Ability’s Limit
My dude could shapeshift into mion and totally fuck with them
thank fking god he was straightforward about it
He's finally transformed into a girl.

Time to bust out those hentais.
Hmm... so let’s say our Akira shape shifts into a female. After the other person no longer thinks of that ability, is Akira stuck as a girl? His gender swap would be the result of his ability which would have switched to something else, so would he turn back into a male or stay female after?
I really love how this artist writes his story reminds me of death note story telling
Heheheheh. Kirisaki makes everyone's day.
@WillLi Mikuru Beam*
@Invader_Retro Yeah I'm still wondering why the MC can't shoot lasers from his eyes yet.
@WillLi I mean she is a great addition from a strategic standpoint however being realistic mc should have already thought up an OP ability that is easy for Yuuri to imagine.
That would make the story end easily which is why the author is limiting mc right now.
I don't like forced harems much less an obsessed and obnoxious girl following an mc around.
@Invader_Retro Yeah I'm not saying she -should- just off handedly tell green team, just saying it looks like she wont, and why I bring it up. I will give you that no one is truly useless to MC, cause he can always have each person remember different powers and cycle through them. I just really don't want to see the author try to force us to believe that she's some kinda major boon to the MC, unless she has some talent or ability not yet revealed, and I'm happy the MC looks like he's not suffering from harem-protag-itus, that makes them suddenly forget logic just cause a girl wants to join their team. (Cause she totally black mailed him, and I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her)
@WillLi Mc and Ringo can't tell their ability because if they get betrayed they are screwed more so mc, because his abilities flaws are far greater than Ringo's.
Thinking about it Mc's ability is worse than Ringo's but its potential is higher, its the best example of a double-edged sword which the side facing you is sharper.
Mc is one that depends on his teammates the most so no one is truly useless to him but Ringo could possibly be the perfect match for him as she thinks she is.
Its just that she can't perform well in combat given her ability though it still could surprise us in the future.
I get what you're saying especially from mc's perspective that she isn't that useful but thats more because he can't really trust her(I wouldn't either).
@Invader_Retro It's not that Ringo is only a tiny bit useful. She's only a tiny bit useful as part of MC's personal team. She has her uses, but everything other than her power, is pretty much Lesser MC. She doesn't add much to the MC's personal group. She's a huge boon to the green team. That's what I'm saying. It's not that she is bad, it's that for MC's personal squad, 90% of what she does is already there. However I don't doubt that she will be on his team, because essentially she's blackmailing him and she's on the cover. But pretty much any person we've seen in detail would be a better addition to MC's personal team than her, simply for diversity sake.

Pretty much it's that from MC's perspective, she shouldn't be 'valuable' at all. That's what I'm trying to convey, only her use to MC and he personal squad, not her overall objective usefulness, or how much she can help green team. (Because honestly as things are going, it looks like she wont even tell green team her power, since she wont tell Yuuri)
@WillLi Never meant to make Yuuri come off as bad I mean to say great, she has been very reliable so far.
Ringo's combat ability is her downfall which I already mentioned and being in a debate takes both intelligence and creativity.
I never put her on mc's level of intellect because she clearly isn't, yes mc can piece together people's abilities based on how they behave but thats not going to work for everyone as shown so far in this series.
She would be a liability in combat but she thing goes for Mc and Yuuri, which is why they practiced and strategized before going out on missions.
Ringo supposedly knows all the red teams' abilities and using that as a bargaining chip to team up with mc as well.
As you stated she doesn't have much merit in combat but to say shes just a tiny bit useful is an understatement.
As long as they come up with a good strategy she could join Mc and Yuuri, plus if mc is the one thats constantly coming up with strategies or plays that also a burden for him.
Yes I also agree her deep thinking would mess her up, but thats only when flustered or having intense fear as long as she has courage and learns to think under pressure then she is a great addition to the team(its not like all intelligent people adapted on spot, theres always room for growth).
However I think Mc's team will be Ringo, Yuuri and the other 2 guys he was in a team with at the start possibly in the future.
@Invader_Retro You're saying Yuuri isn't a good teammate but she's already proven to be a good teammate. See the thing is you don't need a bunch of super smart people, you just need one to come up with teh strategies, and then everyone else just needs to be smart enough to adapt, and execute the plan(which Yuuri is). Also your ability to form a clear image of something is not a product of intelligence, but rather creative thinking and mental flexibility, which is why typically this would be more difficult for a critical thinker to do quickly, because they think so deeply that it leaves a stronger imprint on their mind, and either way MC can just grab any random person if he wants to increase the list of abilities. Also the book itself has shown MC is -way- smarter than Ringo. She herself said that their debate was pretty much a curb stomping and she didn't stand a chance at all.

As for her ability...Ringo's ability is using 1/10th of what she copies, it's very unlikely for that to have much effect. Remember abilities have ranks, the numbers we've gotten are mostly from stronger abilities. You're also not realizing, that Ringo probably needs a person within a certain vicinity to copy their power, it's probably not permanent(otherwise she probably wouldn't have gotten caught) So for her to use a power at 10% effectiveness the person with 100% has to probably be around too...that's not very useful.

As for seeing powers. That is her one benefit, but again, that's a boon to green team, not actually to MC. This kinda information should be spread through all of Green team, because MC is probably clever enough to piece together the nature of someone's power by how they behave in a fight, it's the rest of the team that will need to be spoon fed the exact nature of their opponent's ability. I made several post about this all last chapter, but pretty much narratively, Ringo adds nothing to MC's personal group in terms of strategy that he can't get from someone else, other than knowing an enemies power. But as just mentioned, logically it's much better to -not- pair Ringo up with MC personally and instead have her as 'Intel department' for the entire green team. There is no way you can send Ringo with MC and Yuuri for a high risk mission either, because Ringo wont be able to defend herself and they would have to focus on protecting her.

This is all why I think it's stupid to put Ringo in their group. The only unique thing she adds is something tiny, but creates a combat liability.(Because they don't need her for coming up with powers for MC, just for knowing other's powers). If the MC wasn't so smart, then she would have more use, but because he's practically is a better version of her in the intel department, it's much more logical to put her with dumber people.
@WillLi It is just speculation but since she has a clearer thought pattern the number of abilities they could work on would be more than Yuuri.
A careful thinker is what this game has been so far though Yuuri has a strong ability but lacks the thought process to be a good teammate.
Ringo has the thought but is weak in combat, however her ability could make up for that most times while in Yuuri's case thats not always possible.
Mc is smarter but I don't see him being that far from Ringo in that department so she won't hold him back in terms of executing certain complex plans.
Together as a team they balance out to be honest, just as long as the author doesn't make the harem thing annoying I don't mind her joining.
She doesn't fix the weakness of his powers, but since she can see the actual enemies abilities she and mc can come up with counter strategizes and possible new abilities for mc to take on enemy/s with.
@Invader_Retro IF you're going to try and say he said something that makes her more useful you need to say what part you think that is. However I can tell you one big reason that she isn't more useful. They can literally make up abilities now, as proven by the shape shifting. There is no need for a huge catalog of abilities in the game because as long as it's something that can be clearly imagined then it will work. Yuuri's only weakness is that as she herself states she's not 'smart' so clearly remembering different abilities would be difficult. However, honestly speaking that would be the same for anyone. Even Ringo would be limited in the number of clear images she can maintain at any given time, while knowing what MC's ability actually is. Ringo's ability to 'collect' knowledge about abilities has zero use to MC, because if it's an ability he needs they can just talk it over and make it up before hand. The MC can't use an ability that he himself doesn't understand, so it's not like Ringo can think up an ability for him on her own in an emergency. Well she could, but MC wouldn't know what to expect and it would likely get him killed.

So where exactly is the benefit in Ringo? That she's 'smarter' than Yuuri? She's still not smarter than MC, who either way has to do all the thinking when using his power. There is nothing to warrant believing that Ringo can have more clear images than Ringo, in fact the fact that she's such a careful thinker might make it harder for her to switch on the fly what her ability is. But that's all speculation either way. She doesn't actually fix the weakness of his power in that it gives him the power, without specially granting him what he needs to use it well. So where is this benefit Ringo brings?
@WillLi did you read what the mc said in regards to his ability?
She is way more useful than his current partner just based on everything stated this chapter.
The only thing is the mc doesn't trust her yet but we know she has no ill will so far.
@Invader_Retro She has use in finding other people's abilities, so she's useful to the green team. But she has almost no use as MC's partner, and doesn't need to be attached to him.
@WillLi lol Ringo is one of the most useful people in this game right now xD
The triangle will/could be annoying, but thats it.
Girl has some garbage imagination tbh.
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