Yong Heng Zhi Zun

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Ch. 135 - Spirit Cleansing Herb
Receptarier? That's a new one.
@Danthefan Yeah I'm not a fan at all and I'm really scratching my head as to why this is rate 7+
If Li Fu chen still have his strength it's obviously he could easily defeat that snake.

Saying like that it's just some kind of provoking that he used too. :D
I just want to know this, why is this MC so terrible? Like, he’s the worst MC I’ve ever seen.
Here’s a recent example:

Bad beastie appears, yells “Haha you can’t defeat me!” Takes rest of chapter to beat it because it was as strong as him.

Is anyone else noticing this type of trend? Where MC says some s*** like “I’m way stronger than you!” And then gets into a fight that he “barely” wins because he’s just as strong as the dude he’s fighting.
What’s up with this???
Thanks for this batch of chapters, keep up the good work. :D