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Vol. 2 Ch. 16 - Different Hospital
@geistchevalier Seconded.
One needs guts of steel to step into that horror hospital.
Noped hard, this is the mirror world in silent hill

nope, nope, nope
I will sleep with nightmares of these spirits and the 'evil one,' but I'm glad I binged this manga.
... that's how hospitals look to her?
Nope Nope Nope Nope ...
This manga have one of the smoothest blend of hilariously and unsettling i have ever read. It effectively switch between light hearted comedy to dark horror theme, at one moment you are laughing your ass off then abruptdly you get the feeling things are gonna got f*cked up badly.
And yes, that's what i call a good horror (comedy) manga.
"Different hospital", very Silent Hill.

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