Star Martial God Technique

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Ch. 232
oof nope. i mean in page 9 there is a kamen raider (i believe) naruto and krilin... but behind the old man's head theres a laughing emoji

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God, this MC really needs to choose his friends more wisely. I still don't think this friendship would have happened for real.
At least that douche is useful.
@Shamz Don't you mean Krillin?

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Find an emote in page 9.

Well his grandpa being there helps a lot and the other kids are all basically crippled now. And he’s ruthless enough to kill off anyone that can be an obstacle. So rather than say allowing it they simply didn’t have a choice.
I'm surprised they allowed Liang Yu to become the Patriarch. He doesn't seem strong enough to carry a family. Seems like that's just inviting other families to try and conquer them, unless the family they work under is that strong.
Is this it? Is this the somewhat clumsy, but otherwise perfect chance to bring back waifu number 2 back? As a gift from the new Dark Moon patriarch?

Find out... next time! Or after that! Or...
I hope it isn't a trap. So far, I've been pelasantly surprised by Liang Yu's strategy not to antagonize Xinghe despite their past rivalry and ally with him instead to achieve his goals. You know, the kind of pragmatism most villains should learn.

Oh, I'm sure he'll try to betray Xinghe sooner or later. But I hope it's later.
Not a trap?
He would have to be an idiot to try something after what he saw so...maybe?