Gentleman Devil

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Ch. 18
Stratholme was the OG
He referenced my man Arthas
Well the general rule in getting bitten by a zombie during an outbreak, is amputate immediately before the infection can spread, (or having a proven cure). Otherwise you are bound to become one of them. But being bit on teh nose.... Well if the infection isnt from biting, then you might be ok. But thats kinda rare. Be he kidna wishes he had his visor down.
Well I liking how Nina is starting to take on his advice. Getting corrupted :D. It actually be pretty wicked if she gets corrupted enough to start becoming his dark knight.
This queen looks like a real dominating one. wonder how this is going to work, is Lucifer going to turn her submissive ? Actually wasnt Joan going to marry her ? were they in love?. Maybe I'll have to go back and check. She mentioned Joan already had been killed.

@monkey123 He got inspired by human romance from Romeo and Julliette, then realized he didnt have a queen of his own. So he left to find himself one in the human world (seeing as his minions made a stew out of one, or was suppose to be one). And so has been his journey. He ended up taking the 3rd princess as his pet. He could easily kidnap this queen, but I guess he wants to play by the rules.
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Lol, Arthas reference xD
This baby was Alien. Never trust crying babies. An alien could jump out of it!

I forgot what this manhua was about. Anyone could tell?